Does America Send More Troops To Afghanistan Or What? (Part Two)

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    “PART TWO”

    Such a change of moving Afghanistan from a centralized to a decentralized form of government would be a big change for the country of Afghanistan, the country’s constitution would have to be changed – it is a matter America has no power over which calls for the decision that America has to formulate a strategy on Afghanistan that assumes the centralized form of government does not change which in short calls for the conclusion Afghanistan is a lost cause – America can’t save Afghanistan – it is time for America to plan to leave Afghanistan. This analysis leads one back to the question what strategy should President Obama take on Afghanistan? If President Obama is interested in being optimally prudent and responsible he should do the following. He should tell the American people, the Afghanistan government and the Afghanistan people that he will begin drawing down the American troop presence in Afghanistan in eighteen months and once the draw down process begins all American troops will be out of the country of Afghanistan within an additional eighteen months absent a contingent of 30,000 U.S. troops solely present to fight al Qaeda if the Afghanistan Government permits. President Obama should reference that he is duty bound not to expend U.S. soldiers lives or limbs engaging in a war where the country the U.S. is helping, in this case Afghanistan, has not taken the needed action to win the war which in this case means decentralizing its form of government. President Obama should further say that he is not pulling U.S. troops out for these initial eighteen months to give the Afghanistan people and government time to make other arrangements for their security it is in consideration of our countries friendship and ally relationship with the country of Afghanistan that he will give the Afghanistan people these eighteen months. He should instruct the U.S. Generals that there mission now is, and they will be provided the number of additional troops needed to perform this mission if additional troops are needed, to do the following. For all areas in Afghanistan where the U.S. has taken areas from the Taliban and is holding these areas whether or not with the assistance of the Afghanistan Army and security is good in such areas meaning that the community is functioning normally - people are traveling and working in a normal manner, the U.S. military is to remain in these areas and maintain security, further for major cities in Afghanistan the U.S. military will maintain force levels to provide good security so as to try to give the Afghanistan government a base from which they will be able to expand security from and hopefully one day expand security across the country of Afghanistan from; in all other areas of Afghanistan remove all U.S. troops if Taliban take control so be it. For the aforementioned areas where U.S. forces will be remaining the U.S. military is to do its best to train the Afghanistan army and police to provide security for the Afghanistan people.

    President Obama should leave the door open for the initial eighteen months for the Afghanistan government to take the aforementioned “form of government change” needed action which could get the U.S. government to alter its strategy and add the military forces to Afghanistan to successfully battle and defeat the Taliban throughout the entire country of Afghanistan. President Obama would also need to make this “leave the door open course” a line in the sand, and leave no room for ambiguity, that is, there is no other way to get America to change its course; it is a non-negotiable condition.

    President Obama will be acting without virtue and with poor character, it he just increases the troop level in Afghanistan to try to solve the Afghanistan problem and just makes demands that the Afghanistan government needs to change and become a good partner or it will lose America’s support in the future. This is so because the Afghanistan central government is in too bad of shape too succeed. Public opposition and indifference to the central government is just too great in Afghanistan there is no hope it will be effective; corruption is just too pervasive in the existing government for a trustworthy government to be created in the near future to list just a couple of the reasons the central government won’t succeed. If President Obama just does this demand course what America will see is by the time all the additional U.S. troops are in Afghanistan six to nine months will have transpired and an additional nine months will be needed to give these additional troops a chance to be effective and gage their effectiveness and then come this eighteen months from now date the American people will learn the Afghanistan security problem will not have been solved because of the Afghanistan government or partner problem which will still exist for the reasons mentioned and then because of American public opinion which will be vehemently against the war by this time the U.S. government will withdraw the U.S. troops from Afghanistan and a lot of U.S. citizens in uniform that make up this military surge will have lost their lives and health for no reason at all not to mention that America will have left those Afghanistan people who went out on a limb for the U.S. over the past eighteen months to try to get the U.S. effort to succeed completely on their own and almost certainly subject to severe penalties from the Taliban and/or their allies when the Taliban gain control of the respective areas of Afghanistan.

    With this public pronouncement by the U.S. government that the problem with Afghanistan is that it has to switch from a centralized form of government to a decentralized form of government one will probably here many voices in Afghanistan and in the Muslim world that the U.S. is violating the Afghanistan people’s sovereignty, it is meddling in the internal affairs of another country, it is being an occupying power with these pronouncements. What America’s response should be is to tell these critics to completely ignore what we have said we don’t care we are leaving Afghanistan the Afghanistan people can do whatever they want to do on Afghanistan government matters. Further, we should add that the conclusion that the central form of government in Afghanistan is a failure is obvious, the long standing doctrine known in Latin called “res ipsa loquitur” glaringly supports this conclusion; moreover, an abundance of Afghanistan citizens and leaders have said the central government is a failure so common sense would dictate if your centralized form of government is a failure why don’t you try a decentralized form of government.


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