Doctor patient confidentiality

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    There was a middle aged woman who needed an emotional pick-me-up. She read in Cosmo about vaginal reconstructive surgery. After consulting with a plastic surgeon, she decided to go for it.

    "I need absolute confidentiality about this surgery!" she warned her doctor. "No one can know about it. I'm on City Council and I have a business here in town. I could never bear the gossip and jokes such a procedure might cause."

    He doctor assured her that no one could ever know, what with the HIPA regulations and the doctor-patient confidentiality pact.

    So, she woke up from the anesthetic surprised to see three flower arrangements on her bedside table!

    "Doctor!" she exclaimed "No one was supposed to know about my procedure! Where did these flowers come from?"

    "Well," said the doctor "the first vase came from me. You're my 75th vaginal reconstructive surgery patient and you did very well in the operating room. I thought the flowers would brighten your day."

    "How sweet!" she said "What about the others?"

    "The middle arrangement came from my surgical scrub nurse" said the doctor "She had the same operation a year ago this very day and she's very proud of you decision to have vaginal surgery!"

    "That's so sweet of her! I must return the favor somehow!"

    "And the third vase of flowers comes from a Mr. Simpson" continued the doctor "He's a patient in the Burn Ward. He'd like to thank you for his new ears!"

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