Do Unmanned bombers make attacks more likely

Discussion in 'Military' started by zzzz, Jun 16, 2011.

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    Right now we have 2 conflicts going on one in Libya and another in Yemen. The one in Libya has used manned aircraft and of course is larger in context. The conflict in Yemen is exclusively with unmanned drones (bombers) against terrorist targets. The use of drones in Pakistan is another example. If we sent manned bombers into Yemen and Pakistan it would cause a international crisis, yet unmanned drones (to a certain degree) are not.

    The future of Air Forces are unmanned aircraft. So does this mean that air strikes with drones will become more frequent? This is an issue that has come up in the past, namely that with unmanned vehicles/robots doing the fighting wars will be be easier to wage and frequency will rise? In fifty years we may well have robotic tanks and naval vessels. Are we looking at a future of robotic wars?

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