Do "They" Want To Destroy This Country?

Discussion in 'Conspiracy Theories' started by uptownlivin90, Apr 27, 2010.

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    There's been a lot of talk in the "media" about the so-called "conspiracy culture" and it's got me thinking.

    Right now we're watching a bought out Congress of thieves go to work to try to find a way to stop the thieves that bought them out from stealing. It's like letting a guy who stole out of your car yesterday keep you're out on vacation.

    A nice vacation... in sunny Arizona. Where there's an all out war going on which is being perpetrated by greedy interests at the top who have already been proven to be drug launderers and have smuggled drugs into our inner cities before (Iran-Contra) and more then likely still do.

    The state of Arizona has responded and done the only thing they can. The Feds know what they have to do to stop the situation at the borders.

    End the drug war. Secure the border.

    The drug war is a bullshit policy that the rich make money off of and the poor suffer from. The violence it creates has now choked and American city to the point where their mayor is calling for martial law in some regards, and guess what we might just see it. The christian right refuses to consider it because "drugs are immoral". Bullshit... dead ranchers and martial law cities are immoral.

    Secure the border. We're told by the Obama fear-mongerers that Nuclear material being smuggled into this country and detonated is our nations "next big threat" (that and "cyber attacks"). Yet WTH has their white house or ANY white house done to secure the borders? The liberals fail at doing what they say is crucial. It's as if they WANT these nukes they're so worried about to be detonated in a major US city.

    Meanwhile there are two wars going on oversees we're never getting out of. The media is drumming up the war against Iran. The financial system isn't getting any better because the idiots in Washington keep missing the ball.

    So protests are sparked off in the streets because of the Arizona situation. Tea Partiers are in the streets because of a wide variety of issues some legitimate some just stupid. Gays are pissed they got kicked off the white house lawn. A city is beginning for troops to put in the streets.

    Why does it surprise the "media" that people think that their elected officials can't be stupid, dumb, deaf, and blind enough to see all of this happens and still do almost NOTHING.

    At one point the question comes out how much of this stupidity that seems to be running Washington into the ground isn't actually stupidity at all but well thought out and calculated greed?

    Can we really blame people for asking the question?
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    For years now I have been trying to convey that it certainly appears there are intentional steps being taken to collapse the U.S. it is currently in the news on exactly that...

    It also appears there is intentional steps being taken to lead to the dismantle of the U.S.....almost as if an entity is trying to provoke a revolution for an ulterior goal.
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    I know the angst of which you speak. It really makes you wonder on a daily basis.

    But I make it a rule not to blame sin when a better explanation is stupidity.

    In order for there to be conspiracy, you have to have intelligent people doing smart things for a rational goal. None of which applies here.

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