Do Not Stop President Bush

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by christianrossma, Mar 25, 2004.

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    It seems that every one in the political arena has forgotten the atrocity that Saddam Hussein and his family and the rest of his official had been doing in the country (Iraq). He has tortured thousands and killed thousands of people without discrimination. Women, children and elderly. He and his hangmen have stolen property at will. He has used the economy and industries as his private income and used the revenues of any industry for his personal use and as such did his inner circle.
    We are crucifying President Bush for attacking Iraq without having correct inelegance information on the biochemical and mass distraction weapons. Saddam was and is a very conning man, we cannot be so naïve to say they did not exist, have we forgotten that he had used the chemical weapons on his people and the Kurds? Have we forgotten in the eight-year of war that he had used these chemicals on Iran? Have we forgotten that he was building a supper gun that could attack Israel? Have we forgotten The Scott missiles that were used on Israel? Just imagine if they were loaded with chemical warheads. He had pushed the envelope many times over and over. He had genocide against the Shiites and Kurds. There is evidence that Saddam had begun talks and even helped some Al Qaida’s cells. We cannot close our eyes. If president Bush has the guts to fight let him do so. Do not stop him, he needs to stay in office in order to finish the job and show us a road map for our security. People do not understand that if we stop President Bush now not only our homeland security will be in danger but also our economy. We are constantly talking about Human Rights and having dialogue with dictators so far political channels have not been working as we can see from the congressional hearing since president Carter every effort was made to resolve the issue politically, but our society need to understand that the only language that most of the third world countries do understand is force, since they them self are the bully with in their own countries. And some times these dictators become so arrogant that they will attack neighboring countries as Saddam has done to Kuwait and Iran. If The United States of America and our president is in a position to do something about it. He is able to stop them, let him his job and let us all stand behind him and support him.
    God bless America and God bless President Bush.
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    Same thread posted in war on terrorism forum.
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