DNC Shoulda Picked PEORIA

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Did the DNC shoot themselves in the foot with their snubs of God and delegates?

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    The DNC makes a used car convention look prissy (Sorry car guys) More stories than fishin' camp! They couldn't even vote GOD out after 3 tries, bless their hearts. They don't listen to their own delegates and BO expects the rest of us will believe he'll listen to us "Ordinary citizens"? They can't fill the stadium, so now they blame Mother Nature, but she gets the last laugh,No Rain and thousands of snubbed voters outside thinking Romney isn't such a bad guy, he wouldn't turn his back on us so he can prop HIMSELF up. What about all those folks they bused in, do they get a return ticket? This is the vanguard of the "Me" generation flying their true colors. I expect the fine citizens of Charlotte and NC will remain hospitable while whispering "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!" If Romney feels he ever needs a boost, he can always hold another Democratic convention! The Dems are excited, the Dow went up over 200 points today! That's because investors see a Romney win, by GOD! Shoulda Picked Peoria!
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