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    i work a bit in IT i love history esp American and England so i wanted to share a bit of MY EXPERIENCE

    first at all im not an american nor english and i live in england
    probably you know the history of the UK and you know that UK is made of England=50milion people Scotland=5million Wales=1million and ireland

    Probably you know that Scotland is considered to be a slave of england from about 1064
    irelandand wales is a slave too

    probably you know that UK is fully controlled by England the same England still has a high influence in Africa Australia Canada and in your country too. you may not believe but thats true.

    i want you Americans to do a small test for yourself .

    you know and so thats the test

    open and go to yahoo answer and ask question sort of:

    do you think Obama is a clone
    do you think Obama should go back to kenya
    do you think americans are idiots allowing kenyan be their president
    why americans hate obama
    do you think obama is a shit president
    why obama is trying to destroy usa
    why obama is an idiot

    this sort of question will reamin on and forever this sort of Questions wont be deleted and they promote hatred against Obama

    now another test

    ask on question sort of

    should Ireland be united?
    do you thing england should stop steal oil from scotland?
    do you think scotland should have 4th of july?
    do you know what British wishes mean? (by the way if you dont it mean that every poor country asking england for an AID has to pay for this aid in resourcess or by receiving toxic waste from england)
    do you think england should return stolen treasures from africa?
    do you think USA is controlled by England
    do you think BP will be sent to Argentina together with SAS to steal oil ?
    do you think british ex PM margaret thatcher son should go to jail for killing whole government in new guinea? ( england tried to remove government in new guinea they got oil over there but refused to cooperate)
    do you think England should stop sending a Toxic waste to Africa esp nigeria and ghana ?

    etc etc etc

    this sort of questions are deleted by yahoo in no more than 3 min.

    i work in IT so i know a bit about internet and know that most of anti american questions come from england people from england are pretending to be from the US using nick sort of nycguy alabama arizona etc etc theyre promoting hatred

    One thing more !

    go to any uk political forum and i say any whatever you want to and ask the same questions i told you above. you will discover the same thing anti american questions or topics are fully allowed !!!! and promoted

    but you wont be able to start one anti england topic

    every topic on uk forums is moderated and nothing anti england is allowed
    you can speak about usa and how stupid americans are but never about england


    ahh and someone fuck the Queen !!!!
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    In a galaxy far far away...
    Will the UK yahoo let us post that Brits should look in mirrors more often and if their teeth look goofy they need dental work?

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