Discerning Claims of Love and Claims of Hate

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    When Luciferians can't justify their devotion to the fallen one nor refute anything said they resort to calling hate for their Satanism as being angry and hateful, even if using their own texts they are willing to throw their word under the bus and accidentally call that angry and hateful if it's a means to distract the facts they can't debate.
    When Luciferians call you angry and hateful towards Lucifer they are through a double negative complimenting you and saying you are being like Mike, the overturner and Shiloh.
    According to Luciferians the refiners fire is angry and mean, G0d must be cruel cause they say his world is cruel, but from what logic are they going by?
    With love like this who needs enemas.
    Christianity loves people so much that they killed Millions of Jews and spent Millions of Dollars to convert them to the same supposed God.
    (*proof it's not the same God*)
    Christianity loves humanity so much that they invented some of the most sadistic torture devices used to convert people to their god, the same venom they say radicals today are evil for doing.
    Did Jesus prefer tall people???

    Then why did the RCC find it necessary to use the
    rack and other stretch the body torture devices to get people to submit to their idol which is supposed to have the truth or power to not need coaxing?

    Everyone has seen "the RACK" in movies:
    The rollers of this RACK pulled the victim's wrists and ankles in opposite directions to tear his body apart. A spiked drum might be installed to disembowel the face-downward victim.

    Torture was enthusiastically applied by early Church officials and noblemen in their employ for four reasons:

    To force confessions or secret information from those accused of heresy or witchcraft, whether guilty or innocent;

    To punish or discourage dissent and intellectual freedom;

    To persuade Jews, Muslims, and other non-believers to accept Christianity; and

    To enjoy the sadistic pleasure of inflicting agony, including experimenting with newly devised or perfected techniques of torture.

    Devices used by the Church:
    the foot was fitted into an oversized COPPER BOOT, boiling oil was slowly poured into the boot to strip the flesh from the bones.

    There wa sa device called the CROCODILE SHEARS
    where the males private parts were placed in the eight-inch jaws of tubular iron shapped like CROCODILE jaws with teeth, heated red-hot, enclosed it and then burned to a cinder before tore it off entirely.
    another device of the Church:
    was the infamous viselike FOOT PRESS which was slowly tightened by the crank to crush feet between its solid iron plates, which were lined with hundreds of razor-sharp spikes to make the torture even more intense.

    More sadistic torture could be found in the way they would devise FOOT ROASTING, which was the favorite torture of the Spanish Inquisition. Immobilized in the stocks, the soles of the victim's bare feet were thickly basted with lard and slowly broiled over red-hot coals.

    There was something called an INSTEP BORER was an iron boot bound around the victim's bare foot. Turning the crank slowly plunged a razor-sharp iron spike through the center of the foot. Proof that the Roman torture of crucifixion that's been so taught about does not affect ones judgment to go and repeat such horrible acts.

    There was also a bench held which victim immobile while he was slowly SKINNED ALIVE with a scalpel-like instrument. Salt was rubbed into the raw flesh to make for a more horrifying experience.

    There was one item which looked like those late 1800 ice grabers which they used to rip womans breasts off.
    While they also had toothed iron TESTICLE CRUSHERS slowly squeezed the victim's private part until they were destroyed.

    Rev 13:15 ....and to cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain.

    Christianity is so loving that it abuses people created by their god with extra y chromozones, blaming them for what their god designed in them.
    Christianity is so loving that it says handicaped people have demons in them that need casting out.
    Christianity loves the Creator and Creation so much that it calls the God of this creation their adversary (satan) and the paradise in death (opposite the Creator's creation) their salvation.
    Christianity loves the world so much that it lead the world to worship the fallen Lucifer instead of the Moshiach.
    Christianity loves the world so much that it kept the world from it's Central source of teaching and influence that would eminate from the Temple.
    Christianity bitched and moaned about the Vatican authority yet loves the world so much that it allowed that Roman authority to deceive the world and continue it's ruyle and supression of the Moshiach's kingdom.

    Sample The Love of Jesus:
    Jesus hated families (Luke 8:19-21,Luke 14:26,33,Luke 18:29-30, Matt 10:34-37), hated life (1 John 2:15-17) and this earth and mankind (2 Peter 3:10, Mat 10: 34-40 & Thomas 16, 2 Thessalonians 1:8), hated the Pharisee , hated Woman (1 Cor. 11, 1 Timothy 2:11-15 & all over the book of Thomas), hated his brethren (seen by what he caused to them), hated people with disabilities(Mark 9:14-19,Matt 9:32-33, 12:22 & Luke 11:14)
    hated gentiles (Matt15:26), hated his own chosen town of Capernaum (Mat.11:23),
    thus must not have Knoweth G-d according to 1John 4:8

    If hate is simply directed at the wickedness of their ways and not the individual or group personally, and if it had in mind bringing that person or group to be where they should be, then there would be no conflict through emotions. Most hate that you see in this world has nothing to do with hating their ways and wanting them improved or perfected, but rather emotional reactions to being envious, or threatened.
    And so they feel inadequate towards those they despise and thus hating the person or group rather then their ways you have issues with.
    But seeing this behavior trait is not enough to solve the hate we see in this world today.
    We must find the root causes leading up to these feelings of insecurity and jealous fear.
    IN the case of cultures hating other cultures, the root cause is the closed society they have that causes disparity in living which eventually causes these feelings thus behavior patterns.

    IN the case of hate in our children it's root cause can be the pressures they face today like peer pressure. As well this can be a root cause for some adults who's job security, financial security and stressful fast paced society can be a root cause of displaced emotions towards those they see living larger and easier then they.
    THis is probably why people like Bill Gates become hated for no reason except that he is enveyed for all that he has and achieved.
    DO the Politicians hate his ways of dealing in business when they go after him or are they jealous that they don't have what he has?
    If the Politicans stuck to just hating his transgressions in doing business then the solution would be changing those ways and the result would not have been bringing the rest of the business world and financial market thus economy down with him as they went on that witch hunt to get him just to attack him personally with no vision of correcting and solving the problem.
    So what happened, the whole business world was riddled with REAL unethical practices which caused markets to collapse through fear and instability and lack of trust. This all occured because the gov’t was more hateful of a person and not a practice as a whole thus nobody learned a lesson and unethical business practices remained unchecked till disaster struck the financial markets.
    The hate we see in this world does the same thing, it attacks people on a personal level without vision of solving issues thus the result is more harm then good bringing down the rest of society with it's error of it's ways.
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    Yes it is all very counter intuitive.... It seems everything in this world is backwards....Death is desired instead of Life and instead of celebrating life people worship and desire death....Of course if Death is conguered figuratively and literally then the scammers will have to come up with another scam to frighten people into handing over their valuables whatever that might be in the future....

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