Dingbats and Windings

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    Can you make your pc produce fancy images like ♥ or ♫? (These are called "dingbats" and "windings" in graphic arts-speak.) If you dun have a Mac, you can...these are called "alt codes" and if you depress the alt key and then hit the number three on your right hand number pad, the ♥ will appear.

    I know all the alt keys from 1 to 25: ☺, ☻, ♥ and so on.

    But there are fancier ones. And I am bumfuddled as to how to make them. I especially want the hammer and sickle ☭ (to annoy the retrogrades, LOL) and I am damned if I can see how it's done.

    Here are the web sites I have looked at:

    How to make those fancy ALT Codes:

    Free Alt Key Keyboard Symbols List and Instructions

    How to Make Keyboard Symbols Using the ALT Key

    Once you master alt code symbols, you can make keyboard art, like this:


    Encool tool - convert message to cool text symbols!


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