Did wild card weekend go the way you wanted it to?

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    Last week was PERFECT for me.all teams I wanted to lose did their jobs and did lose.The Chiefs =the kansas city clowns,lost to the ravens-which always makes my year when they lose in the playoffs,the jets beat a-hole Peyton Manning and the colts,Peter and the seahawks beat the saints,Im a big Pete Carrol fan,and the packers beat that murderer Michael Vick and the eagles.

    btw I actually wasnt surprised at all that the saints lost to the seahawks.I kinda had a feeling they would actually because they were not the same team this year they were last year,that was obvious from the get go.when you lose to crappy teams like the cardinals and the browns,then your a bad team.even with injurys thats no excuse to lose to crappy teams like that.I just had a hunch they would lose that game in Seattle.I think Peter and my boys will win today in Chicago,their not that good of a team the Bears, and make it to the championship game against the Falcons which will be as far as they go but hell,thats still quite an accomplishment.

    This week i think my steelers SHOULD beat the Ravens.although like I said,I would not care if they lost since the ravens beat the kc clowns.anyteam that beats the kc clowns I like.:lol: this week i think the seahawks will win which will make me happy.and the packers will lose to the falcons which also will make me happy,but my luck runs out when the jets face the patriots.they were just lucky they got by the colts,if mark sanchez is as pitiful in that game as he was in the colts game and the jets play like they did in that game,they will lose big time to the patriots. again like they did earlier before in december.hope im wrong but i expect my luck runs out and the patriots beat the jets.
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