Did Obama Administration Leaks Lead to Seal Team 6 Deaths?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Google, Jun 16, 2012.

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    The killing of Osama bin Laden has been unquestionably exploited by the Obama Regime. The Regime tells us it was a courageous decision by a president that impugned and ridiculed the very policies that led to the location of bin Laden. Let's be honest, this is perhaps the shining achievement of a otherwise failed presidency, and it was not a difficult decision. Barak Hussein Obama relished the opportunity to address the nation and announce that he had kill bin Laden. At the time it all but guaranteed his re-election.

    Astonishingly :wink_2: leaks about specifics of the operation that cast a favorable light on the regime surfaced. Before these leaks the name of the Navy Seals unit that killed bin Laden was nothing more than an urban legend. The whistle blowers that revealed this information, information that identified Seal Team 6 before the deaths of 31 US Special Forces Troops--the single deadliest incident in the decade-long Afghan conflict--the people that leaked this information have never been held accountable.

    This from the administration that has charged more people under the Espionage Act for mishandling of classified information than all presidencies combined since its passage in 1917.

    Did the leaks about the operation that killed bin Laden ultimately lead to the death of Seal Team 6 members?
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    Not likely. One would have to make several things connect. For one you would need to show that someone in the administration or government leaked the operation information and helicopter flight path of the chopper that was shot down. This would be required to show that the Taliban even knew ahead of time that A) Seal Team 6 did the killing of Osama and B) they knew that Seal Team 6 was on that particular helicopter.

    A) might be provable B) is highly unlikely. At best IF we could prove the Taliban knew Seal Team 6 was on that particular Helicopter it would likely lead a local security breach that had nothing to do with higher levels of the Government. Now if that were proven one could try to make a claim that the knowledge that Seal Team 6 was on that particular helicopter played a direct role in it being targeted but even that is iffy in a combat zone where all helicopter flights are subject to random attack.

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