Detroit On A Roll(?)!

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    Now that Obama-Biden is underway, then comfort can be taken in the new economy after all. You win at the Reverse-Auction crap shoots in the spring and summer, and then you buy into the Bubble later on in the New Model year.

    GM Says It Will Add Shifts to Its Plants - Automotive * US * News * Story -

    What's good for General Motors, in fact, may be good for a few of their suppliers. That, however, is actually a different model of the economy, now in place post Bush-Adminstration.

    The Party of Lincoln--the Abraham Lincoln admired in the West Wing--actually does what happened to the old thriving economy: Again, and Again, and Again, and Again! When Bill Clinton was being nominated for the title, "First African-American President in History," then anyone sees that based on the peformance of the Clinton economy, then likely that would now be said a misnomer.

    There is yet another nominee, awaiting the Awards Show, and of the proper political party, from which it would be expected. To punctuate, now the Clinton-Deal changes, take effect again, which did have an equal-dollar tax-credit amount. The difference, post- Bush Administration, is that it is better said, "The Last of it's Kind," is all. There can be no tax cuts for people with no liablity for income taxes!

    So anyone notices that the current office-holder is apparently not running for the title of "First African-American President," at all(?)!

    In a sign of the times, anyone on the one hand now, can see how apparently Michelle has found Barack a better-paying job, and even though it's on the networks(?). On the other hand, then, we have to wonder just how badly the (Lincoln-Admiring West Wing Denizens): Got caught in the Crash, created in The Party of Abraham Lincolon, which the followers seem to know so much about!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Anyone knows how a Punahou alumni would understand that: In the early a.m. With the real nominee for "First African-American President:" Actually there was never any guessing, about it all!)
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