Dems Why Don’t You Just Pass Out No-limit Uncl Sam Amex Cards to Public!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JimofPennsylvan, Dec 5, 2010.

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    It would be a great thing if the Republicans and Democrats this year reached a compromise on extending the Bush Era tax cuts, extending unemployment benefits, fixing the alternative minimum tax rate and extending some of the business tax breaks it is proven are significantly increasing employment. Because next year the Congress if they are really going to do their job right in cutting the Federal Budget are going to have to through their committees go through every government agencies budget and cut what the country really doesn’t’ need because a good Congress can’t just say every Government Department cut their budget five to ten percent next year because some Departments or agencies from a good government standpoint should absolutely get a significant increase in budget like the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission because it is desperately needed – the evidence coming out in the media indicates clearly there is a problem with insider trading on Wall Street which should be stopped immediately and permanently and with the price of commodities over the last year with their huge fluctuations and the earth’s screwed up climate resulting in major droughts and flooding here to stay the American government better have the regulation system in place to stop abusive speculation or the American people are going to get significantly hurt.

    The one thing that is really an utter disgrace and the American people should not even believe it is going on is that the greedy, arrogant and unvirtuous Democrats are tying to renew a lot of expensive “2009 Economic Stimulus Bill” programs. Democrats want to extend things like the “Making Work Pay” $400 for individual and $800 family tax credit and the bill’s college aid assistance. The country can’t afford these expenditures. The “Making Work Pay” Tax credit probably cost over fifty “billion” dollars a year. Haven’t the Democrats heard what the American people said with the last election that they want the Federal government to stop the unnecessary debt which future generations of Americans will have to pay and puts the economy in serious jeopardy of catastrophic consequences. If Democrats don’t stop this pursuit of unnecessary spending the Republicans should just vacate Washington and let the new Congress next year handle the country’s real problems!

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