Dems: 'Socialism Is The Only Way To End This Nightmare Of Prosperity'

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    Laying their cards on the table with the midterms approaching, the nation’s Democrats have united to send a clear message: socialism is America’s only hope of ending the current nightmare of economic prosperity.

    “We’re living in a hellscape—but there is an escape,” 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden said at an event Thursday. “Democratic socialism, which is socialism, with ‘democratic’ also in the name, you’ll notice, which makes a big difference—remember, Republicans gonna put y’all back in chains, which is something that could never literally happen under socialism—democratic socialism is what’s going to free us from our horrific, flourishing, present conditions. You do the math.”

    “Listen, we have a unified message. And that message is please, oh please, we’ll do anything to regain power—we’ll flirt with communism. Communism!” Biden said to roaring applause as Nancy Pelosi heaved into a brown paper bag behind him.

    “Together we can end this terrible, profitable national nightmare by implementing a historically proven method for utterly destroying a nation forever!”

    Pelosi stepped up to offer a brief endorsement: “It’s true, I’ve been pushing back against the socialite uprising. But I want you to know I’ve seen the light, and I now agree that demographic social science is the future of our party.”

    “Kill anyone who disagrees!” Maxine Waters bellowed from the background.

    At publishing time, Biden, Pelosi, Waters, and the other event speakers were huddled together on stage, sobbing.

    Dems: 'Socialism Is The Only Way To End This Nightmare Of Prosperity'
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    Dear Weatherman2020
    Like Christianity, where Jesus said to give away or sell everything you have,
    pick up the cross and follow him,
    people preaching the virtues and necessity of Socialism are free to follow
    it and fund it themselves.

    Even where Christian teaching and practice is key to the solution, correction
    and prevention of many problems,
    still it cannot be forced on the public through govt
    even where it does provide the answer and solutions to serious social problems.

    Likewise, neither can Socialism be forced on the public through govt.

    It is a belief system, and requires free choice in keeping
    with free exercise of religion, and govt neither establishing nor prohibiting that.

    SEE: First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution

    If we treat Socialism and Christianity equally as systems of belief,
    that is in keeping with Constitutional laws protecting freedom of choice of citizens equally.

    However, if we endorse or enforce laws imposing Socialism and either forcing
    people to follow or fund those practices or penalize them with fines, penalties, taxes or
    other imposition by force of law against their voluntary will, consent and free choice,
    while barring Govt from enforcing Christianity and other beliefs equally,
    then that's Discrimination by Creed and a violation of Fourteenth Amendment
    equal protections and Civil Rights.

    NOTE: If a whole PARTY conspires to abuse govt to impose Socialism beliefs
    in violation of people's civil and constitutional rights, then that should constitute
    "conspiracy to violate civil rights" which is a FELONY.

    What we should do is organize a legal defense fund to plan a class action lawsuit
    against Democratic Party and Socialist/Green/Progressive coalitions and organizations
    naming this as a violation and arguing they are guilty of "conspiring to violate equal civil rights."

    And demand a restraining order to cease and desist from
    * lobbying to impose unconstitutional laws and policies through govt
    * misrepresentation and fraud caused by
    (a) claiming such policies are lawful and constitutional when they are in violation of rights
    (b) collecting or soliciting financial or voter support on these false premises
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