DEMs Multigenerational Plan to Enslave Hispanics to Welfare

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    Hispanics, as a single demographic group, are by nature, generally idiotically conservative. 70% of Hispanics are Catholic. Hispanics can and do work very hard in all work environments. The vast majority of Hispanics pay all their bills on time and many take their entire family along when they make the rounds to pay their bills in person. Hispanics are extremely family oriented and put family first, especially the very young and the elderly. Hispanics take extreme pride in earning and paying their own way in life. You could argue these basic traits as a demographic group are solidly conservative traits. So why do the DEMs have a solid 70+% of the Hispanic vote in their base?
    The DEMs very effective fear tactics of divide and conquer is why. Democrats’ have totally convinced the vast majority of Hispanics that Republicans, and Whites in general are racist and hell bent on deporting all illegal aliens out of the USA and sealing the US, Mexican border forever. The DEMs long term plan has been, and still is, to keep the US / Mexican border as porous as possible for as long as possible. Only when the American People finally have enough, most likely by some future national incident caused by something like a terrorist attack proving to have originated through that porous border will efforts to effectively seal the US / Mexican border begin in earnest. By that unknown time millions more illegal Mexican aliens will be living in the US. Bipartisan efforts will begin to give amnesty and eventual citizenship to almost all the millions of illegals here in the US at that time. ( Like the Dream Act). That automatically leads to Federal Laws that require automatic qualifications for welfare and all the other public assistance programs that are available. The DEMs know full well that some X percentage of all those newly qualified Hispanic welfare recipients will stay on welfare as a way of life for generation after generation. We have seen this type of Welfare Enslavement for generations now in the Black community.
    The thing is, who could blame them? Why actually get a job when the US Government will pay you a decent monthly check, even more the more dependents you have. The Government will subsidize, (pay), nearly all of your housing rent, and the Government will even pay almost all of your utility bills. And don’t forget about free Health Insurance for everyone in the household.
    This will eventually expand the Democratic voting base by millions. Over 90% of blacks and over 80% of Hispanics, almost all who will become life long Democratic voters no matter who is running.
    The Democratic Party will eventually become unbeatable in Power and all by buying the votes with Welfare and SSI money, all American tax dollars.
    That’s what Obama really meant when he said “spread the wealth”.

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