Democrats Show Better Off Nation! Two Sent Home Already(?)!

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    Two California Democrats showed up in Charlotte, NC, drunk, and one disorderly--and the one apparently even diagnosed as being hospital ready! Does it get any better than this!??! Let's ask about the college graduates, in America: Even now!

    People are a lot better off than they were four years ago: And are willing to make a show of it, all week long!

    Two 'disruptive' delegates sent home |

    Four years ago, The stock market had tanked, the mortgages were sold into slavery--or France, or something--the layoffs were commencing. TARP became some new mandatory, Republican Entitlement. Social Security would not be included in the bail-out, being used instead, for the bail-out(?)! General Motors got bailed out, and payroll taxes commenced--to help bailout Social Security--like always--rich people not included(?). People out of college were in their bedrooms, staring at Obama posters, wondering what would happen to their parents--if they themselves, the college graduates, got sick in the coming downturn(?)!

    There has along since been abundantly clear: A sense of foreboding about college graduates! Now they are so mother-stupid that they seem to need a bankruptcy court on diploma-day. Looking for work, and moaning about what they do get: That, just somehow, Republicans understand!

    So mom-and-dad can prevent their own bankruptcy now, simply putting the kid on their current medical coverage plan.

    These, in fact, are clearly adults. There is, after all: Refreshments service to buy, instead! (There are actual lucrative careers, just in food and beverages, wating for someone to apply! Hospital-ready, now, anyone can be!)

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Paramedics, from high schools, are prepared: For college graduates!)
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