Democrats “New Deal”….Raise Taxes, Gain More Power, & Deify Obama

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    Democrats “New Deal”….Raise Taxes, Gain More Power, & Deify Obama​

    By: Curt

    Here we go again, Obama Rapture Redux:

    [ame=]Jamie Foxx Says 'Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama' - YouTube[/ame]


    Meanwhile Obama and company are all over the airwaves calling for tax hikes on the rich because a few billion will fix everything, which is complete baloney:

    I’m simply staggered at the number of things that raising taxes on the rich is now supposed to fix. A partial list: Our crumbling roads, our cracked bridges, our decaying electrical grid, our failing schools, our bankrupt entitlements, our reliance on fossil fuels, and our over-extended public pensions.
    But why will billions more dollars succeed when trillions of dollars have failed? We pour more money into schools, yet educational outcomes don’t improve. We wage a “war on poverty” more expensive than any actual war and yet poverty not only persists but remains stubbornly high. We pump almost a trillion dollars into allegedly shovel-ready “stimulus” only to realize that “shovel-ready” apparently doesn’t mean what we think it means, and even the most modest interstate expansions take longer to complete than, say, the Golden Gate Bridge or the Hoover Dam — and cost almost as much

    I read the likes of Kristof, and I want to shout to the heavens: “We can give you everything you ask, and it won’t work!” The Left misunderstands conservatives when it believes the argument over tax rates is an argument about greed — that wealthier Americans simply want to grab all the money we can. In fact, many of the top 5 percent are among the most generous people in the world; they just tend to give their money to charities that actually produce results.

    Leaving aside — for the moment — the increasingly inverse correlation between taxation and individual liberty (a crucial consideration all its own), we conservatives look at the vast bureaucratic beast with a sense of utter futility. We opt out of government projects and seek personal independence in part because we see government fail time and again — and not for lack of resources.​

    So what should we do? Should we just give in? Many on the right are throwing in the towel and saying we just should let them raise taxes. But when will it stop?

    It won't because the Democrats will continue to spend, so they then can continue to give more free stuff, and get the votes from those raised on the public teat. And then where will find ourselves? Take a look at Greece to see the answer.

    Can we hold them off in the long run? Who knows. But it's the principal of the thing. They won't stop at just the rich....they won't stop until we are taxed into oblivion because they believe more free stuff equals more votes, which means they stay in power.


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    You should comment on the thread i just started " What happens when its 51%?"

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