Democrats Charged In Massive Vote Fraud Scam In Jennings County (Indiana)

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    Poor Charlie White has been vilified by the Indiana media, had his landslide 2010 election victory contested in a highly partisan-charged effort claiming he committed vote fraud by voting in one election at the home of his ex-wife before moving into the home he now shares with his second wife, been cleared of those charges by a bipartisan, unanimous decision of the state's Election Recount Commission, but is still facing bogus criminal charges by an out-of-control Democratic special prosecutor who obviously has no comprehension of what represents a legal and ethical exercise of prosecutorial discretion. Yet far more serious charges against other high profile politicians go virtually unreported by the state's mainstream media.

    The media could care less that Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign forged his way onto the Indiana primary ballot. Without hundreds of forged ballot signatures, his name would not have appeared on the Indiana ballot and he may never have won his narrow presidential nominating victory over Hillary Clinton. A Democratic prosecutor, who himself was a victim of the forgery scandal, has taken control of the investigation with absolutely no calls for a special prosecutor as the media howled in chorus for the Charlie White investigation.

    Sen. Richard Lugar has been casting a vote at an Indianapolis home he sold more than three decades ago. By all accounts, Lugar has no Indiana residence and stays in hotels when he visits the state he has represented in the Senate for nearly 36 years. A private citizen, Greg Wright, has filed a complaint against him and his wife for committing multiple counts of vote fraud spanning more than three decades. The mainstream media pretends the story doesn't exist.

    Former Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh won election as governor of Indiana 20 years ago under well-founded allegations that he failed to maintain an Indiana residence for the five-year period prior to his election. After leaving the Senate last year, Bayh has continued to cast votes from an Indianapolis residence which by all accounts he has never resided. He lives in a palatial Washington, D.C. home where he works several jobs directly tied to his former service in government, but he claims a homestead exemption on a condominium in Indianapolis at which he has never resided. The media chided Charlie White for referring the case to the Marion Co. Prosecutor for investigation, a Democrat who quickly disposed of the case in a partisan fashion.

    A former Indiana state legislator and Democratic Party political consultant, Mike Marshall, is charged with multiple counts of absentee vote fraud in what figures to be one of the biggest election fraud cases in Indiana history. Most mainstream media outlets, including the Indianapolis Star, have pretended the case doesn't exist.

    I guess it's just a sign of the times as the old media dies on the vine for lack of effort or just downright unprofessional, biased reporting.
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    Voter fraud doesn't exist. It's a figment of the GOP's imagination.

    (That imitation of a mentally challenged libtard, brought to USMB by, Conservative)
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    Hundreds of signatures? Hundreds? Out of millions? Hilarious. These right wing nutters. Gotta love 'em. They try so hard.

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