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    It was really impressive this past week, large numbers of members of the House of Representative acted like good representatives doing the right thing for their constituents as opposed to being partisan foot soldiers in this big Democrat/Republican power struggle that are country seems ever mired in. The first example of this rising above party platforms dealt with the House's passage (348-79) of a bill this week that would essentially allow the Federal Government to penalize China with tariffs over China's manipulation of their currency which keeps it twenty to forty percent lower in value than what it should be in relation to the dollar; House members, especially Republicans, did the right thing here they did what the merits of the issue called for not bowing to the free competition, laissez faire party platforms which ignore important unfair realities. The other example is where thirty-nine Democrat House members over their party leaders will joined Republican House members in voting against the House adjourning from being in session because they rightfully believe the House should have taken up the issue of continuing the Bush tax cuts and give America the stability it desperately needs on these taxes issues. Democrat House leadership is full of baloney if they say there isn't the votes in the House and Senate to pass an extension right now, the American people have heard plenty from their representatives on this issue, there is surely now the votes to pass a permanent extension for the middle class and a two year extension for the wealthy and this would have been super helpful for the economy because it would have eliminated uncertainty over taxes which is an important consideration for business owners and investors in America and it would have allowed the country's economy to move forward at a stronger clip in its recovery. If Democrat leaders were candid they would probably say they don't want to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy even if it would add significant stability to the economic recovery because this tax cut is expensive, they need every dollar for their social program spending, the federal budget and the national debt are such severe problems for them they don't want to aggravate these problems with this tax cut expense. Most Americans I think would join in and say it would really be nice if members of Congress could keep this up, doing what the merits of issues call for!

    What the American electorate this election season has not heard much about and needs to really focus on is who members of Congress put into leadership roles in their chamber of Congress. The media has not really educated the American public how important these leadership roles are. The Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader are like the President of the United States in some ways more powerful in terms of their power to shape legislation Congress passes! The media needs to underscore that these positions control the provisions of bills and thus the provisions of laws, they need to be told that when bills begin in a chamber of Congress many committees get to work on a bill but when these committees pass a bill it has to be meshed or combined with other committees bills and the Speaker and the Majority leader do this job and they can completely ignore a specific committees bill or all committees bills they are like God when it comes to creation of that bill even considering that after the Speaker or Majority leaders drafts the bill it then goes to their chamber for debate, amendment process and vote. The problem with legislation creation over the last two years in the current Congress is that instead of having centrist people in these jobs like mainstream America which are centrist, the country had non-centrists, in Speaker Pelosi's case a liberal extremist that is a throwback from the second half of the twentieth-century that acts like America has infinitely deep pockets and government programs are the cure for almost all of America's problems. Not enough can be said at how terrible it has been for America to have had Nancy Pelosi and James Clyburn in positions in Leadership in the House this is crystal clear if one looks at their cap and trade bill or their health care reform bill the cost of these bills equate with a disaster on America. These people have to go from leadership in Congress. The American electorate has to pin Democrat candidates down on this issue, Democrat candidates have to go on record that they will not vote for these scary liberals for their leadership posts in the future and if these candidates don't or won't they do not deserve the American electorates vote. The focus on getting good leaders in Congress should also extend to committee chairpersons, today seniority has a big bearing on who gets these jobs and this criteria results in the make-up seen in the current Congress. The make-up of committee chairpersons of this Congress includes(d) party hacks, non-mainstream people and people too friendly with lobbyist, big business and special interests. These people can't get rid of the swamp in Washington because they are the pollution in the swamp. The American electorate has to scrutinize candidates for Congress on this issue, members of Congress should be demanding that any elected member of congress can run for a committee charipersonship no matter how much seniority that person holds and the selection of such chairmanships should be done by secret ballot with all members of a party's caucus voting!

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