Deltora: Vanity-Gate (Fort Knox)

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    This is a capitalism-witchcraft scenario inspired by Deltora Quest.

    Signing off,



    An Australian writer was writing about the pursuit of sacred gems and emeralds and wanted her popular works (mostly high-brow pulp-fantasy novels) to be adapted into a full-length film (now that Japan had showed interested in adapting them into anime!). She wanted Leo DiCaprio to star in the film and she wanted Sam Mendes to direct. Mendes and DiCaprio had worked together before, so it wouldn't be inconceivable. The writer was focusing on rather taboo themes regarding the sanctification of 'shiny precious stones/jewels' as metaphysical images of paradise or euphoria, but some considered her works to be bordering on apocrypha and Occultism.


    As DiCaprio was shown some of the passages from the Australian writer's works, DiCaprio noted how the fantastic imagery in the works regarding the human fascination with glowing magical stones/gems represented a modernism angst regarding the 'hunt' for fortune (or treasure). DiCaprio immediately became intrigued and compared the Australian writer's works with a recent rise in popularity in graphic/comic novels and fantasy-realm futuristic storytelling with classic themes (e.g., Herbert's Dune). DiCaprio himself was a big fan of the emerald and diadem holding fictional Marvel Comics anti-heroine Empress Lilandra and was interested to see how the Australian writer's works could be 'coordinated' with some other relevant Marvel-oriented and fantasy-genre oriented parallax-universe treasure/energy stories/ideas. DiCaprio also noted that the Australian writer's works seemed to be focused on symbolic themes about the yearning to find the 'enchanting glow' of fortune and romance! DiCaprio himself was working on a capitalism-daydream film titled The Wolf of Wall Street!


    As DiCaprio became more and more interested, he called his Hollywood (USA) actress-friend Jennifer Connelly who had worked with DiCaprio on the diamond-market spirituality-omen (politically-oriented) film titled Blood Diamond. Connelly looked at the passages of the Australian writer's works that DiCaprio showed her and suggested that the works represented some modern era token fascination with glittering toys, fancy ornaments, casino-consciousness, and lottery-culture (e.g., PowerBall games). DiCaprio agreed and wondered how the Australian writer's works could fit into the fortune-fantasy niche occupied by treasure-curiosity films such as King Solomon's Mines, Excalibur, and Diamonds are Forever. DiCaprio began collecting toy-gems and emeralds to prepare 'spiritually' for what he decided would be a landmark adaptation film of the Australian writer's works about questing after haunting gemstones(!).


    Sam Mendes did in fact get the script-idea for the adaptation-film from DiCaprio's agent and began creating a screenplay involving a modern knight's quest for these sacred gemstones which drew the attention of mighty gods from the heavens (namely the Hindu gods Krishna and Shiva). Mendes had the idea to reorient the Australian writer's works into some focused treatment on the spiritual 'sensation' felt when questing after objects that represented beauty/magic but were themselves completely hollow in terms of spiritual teachings! Mendes wanted to compare the film to his earlier opus on the 'anaconda' of modernism vanities titled American Beauty. Mendes requested that Hayden Christensen (Star Wars) and Hugh Jackman (X-Men) be recruited to portray Krishna and Shiva. Mendes' film was titled Deltora.


    Well, U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump got a special treat when Mendes offered to show them a special advanced-screening of Deltora now that it was completed! President Trump accepted the 'gift' and invited Mendes to the White House for the private-screening during Thanksgiving. First Lady Melania Trump really enjoyed the film and commented to Mendes that it certainly expressed a modern era social fascination with toy-themed storytelling (e.g., Astro-Boy, Ant-Man, etc.). Mendes realized he had a goldmine in his hands now. All he needed was the right kind of luck...


    GOD: This was DiCaprio's brainchild.
    SATAN: Well, he plays the knight in Deltora, but it's Mendes' trophy.
    GOD: I wonder what Mendes will make of this 'metaphysics project.'
    SATAN: Do you think it will be received as a modernism treatise on toys?
    GOD: Sure. Treasure reminds people of the euphoria of fortune (especially now).
    SATAN: Yes, now that Wall Street is canon and the U.S. President is a capitalism-baron.
    GOD: Trump was the owner of the fabled Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City.
    SATAN: I wonder if Deltora will be compared to Roman Polanski's The Ninth Gate.
    GOD: No. The Ninth Gate (Johnny Depp) is about cryptic Luciferianism (mostly).
    SATAN: I suppose I can agree with that comment, but Deltora is about fortune-daydreams!
    GOD: So what? So is Barry Levinson's Toys and Michael Bay's Transformers.
    SATAN: Yes, but Deltora is really about a fascination with shiny stones...
    GOD: Capitalism-culture makes stories about toys seem romantic/iconic.
    SATAN: I suppose I should visit Mendes and help him market the film.
    GOD: Be sure he doesn't indulge in apocrypha-controversies!
    SATAN: Isn't controversy the hallmark of modern capitalism (Enron, Napster, etc.)?
    GOD: Mendes could be sidetracked from the original imaginative-vision of DiCaprio.
    SATAN: That's only natural...
    GOD: Deltora was shown in the White House, so I don't want foolish hysteria.
    SATAN: This all feels age witchcraft.
    GOD: I feel uneasy. We should make sure there's no romance about bank-robberies.
    SATAN: Maybe we should bolster security at Fort Knox!




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