Delicious Performance : Bibap

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    Korean Global Project! Representative Korean food bibimbap reinvented into a musical!

    Launching the new cultural trend Eatertainment: a cross between eating and entertainment!
    Bibap is the first performance combining eating and entertainment.
    There aren’t many shows in the world that use food as the subject. In the musical Bibap, making of the traditional Korean dish bibimbap becomes the main theme and is transformed into a non-verbal performance perfect for everyone’s taste.

    Bibap proved global potential through its success at Edinburgh Festival in 2010, forecasting the new market for Eatertainment. Bibap premiered in Korea in May 2011, and has made itself known to the world as a refreshingly original cultural show.

    Food for the eyes, ears and mouth! A multi-sensory performance: Bibap!
    Different ingredients with its own distinct flavor are combined to make bibimbap, a traditional Korean dish. Symbolizing global harmony, bibimbap’s uniqueness is reborn through Bibap.

    Sounds of making bibimbap – Beat box, a cappella and sounds of washing, cutting, frying and eating food are mixed with B-boy dance, acrobatics, martial arts and other dynamic dances, making up the different ingredients of this delicious dish!
    The performance also includes its highlight: eating bibimbap!

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