Deficit Cut In Half

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    My how are the libs ever going to spin this?

    Federal Deficit Cut In Half Three Years Earlier Than Expected
    Oct 9 2006 1:03AM

    Just another reason why Democrats and their allies in the media would like to keep Mark Foley in the headlines as long as possible:

    A huge point has been virtually if not totally ignored since the announcement on Friday that the reported federal deficit for the fiscal year that ended a week ago was $250 billion ? The Bush Administration has done what it said it would do about the deficit three years ago, and has done it a full three years early, i.e., in half the time predicted.

    This continues what has been a very difficult past few years have been for those who deride supply-side economics. If Washington, with a little help from the states, lets the supply-side engine continue to chug along for next several years, the results could be so positively stunning that it would become impossible for supply-side detractors in touch with any part of the real world to hang on to the comfort of their static-analysis fantasyland.

    Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is promising to raise taxes and increase government spending if Democrats get a majority in Congress, both of which would likely reverse this fantastic growth we’ve seen in our economy.

    Which should be reason enough by itself to vote Republican come November.

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