Deductions/credits only count as tax breaks when they help Romney's position

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OohPooPahDoo, Oct 4, 2012.

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    According to Romney, he will lower the tax rates all by 20%, and then make up the difference by getting rid of deductions and credits (which he refuses to be specific about). We're to believe that this isn't lowering taxes -and then just raising taxes - to offset the difference.

    So someone in the 47% who pays no taxes but who would under Romney because of the eimination of deductions and credits will go from having a zero tax bill to a non-zero tax bill - but according to Romney, that's not "raising taxes" on that person! SO I guess if someone's taxes are currently zero according to ROmney and according to ROmney he won't be raising their taxes - according to Romney they will still be victim leaches dependent on government even if they are paying net taxes.

    Mitt Romney's position is so mathematically indefensible it actually harms Obama because they both went to the same law school and it makes OBama look really dumb to have gone to the same school as Romney.
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