Death threat, suspicious substance mailed to U.S. ambassador in Ottawa

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    See how a whiny, cowardly Canadian who is angry that Trump is finally standing up to America reacts? According to the article this happens more than once, but it's sad.

    All those decades fleecing America and when a Canadian is angry he cant get his way, he's resorts to threats of violence. Probably some importer of Chinese steel pissed he can't get it across the border any more.

    Death threat, suspicious substance mailed to U.S. ambassador in Ottawa | CBC News

    The RCMP is investigating a death threat sent to United States' Ambassador to Canada Kelly Knight Craft.

    A source with direct knowledge of the matter told CBC News the threat, first reported by CTV News, came in the form of a letter addressed to Craft's residence but intercepted yesterday at an offsite security screening location.

    Along with the threatening letter, embassy staff found a suspicious substance that was tested and found to be harmless.

    The source called the incident "jarring" but said the ambassador is doing fine and pointed out that diplomats have received such threats in the past.

    Foreign Affairs Minster Chrystia Freeland met with Craft Friday and called the situation "wholly unacceptable."

    "She does an essential and difficult job and Canada respects her service," Freeland tweeted.

    Tensions between Canada and the U.S. are running high lately, as the two countries dig their heels in on steel tariffs and the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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