Dear Teddy,

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    In response to your letter inquiring about the property on the hill in view of your mansion. I'm sorry but we cannot sell you this property at this time. Plans are already in the works for a windmill farm there. I'm sure you know (being such a friend to the enviornment and all) that this land will be used for good purposes.

    I really feel bad not being able to help you with this after all the great drunken whore parties you have invited me to. I had a great time at that last one. Where did you find all those mexican chicks?

    Elaine sends all her love and says not to worry about the ming you knocked over in the foyer. She understands you were drunk and doesn't hold it against you. Oh yeah, that bitch that said you were making lude remarks to her on the patio, I took care of her ass! The only press people there were our folks anyway so don't worry about it!

    Man, I want to apologize about that mix up with the relative of Mary Jo's showing up at the bash the other night. I had no idea! Really! I know you were too drunk to remember but I got that handled too.

    Take care buddy, and BOTTOMS UP!

    You Pal


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