Deaf and dumb Kurdish citizen convicted of propaganda

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    Specially authorized Adana 8th High Criminal Court sentenced a deaf and dumb Kurdish citizen to 8 years and 4 months in prison for making propaganda for Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the Kurdish armed movement fighting against the state for 30 years.

    A specially authorized court in Adana sentenced Mehmet Tahir Ilhan, aged 37 and father of six children, to eight years and four months in prison for "committing crimes in the name of the PKK" and "making propaganda of the organization” and “resisting to security officers”, while another accused, Ahmet K., was sentenced to 11 years and 11 months in prison for the same reasons. The prosecutor had earlier demanded 25 years in prison for the father of six children.

    The specially authorized courts (ÖYM) are the enforcement mechanisms that have replaced the State Security Courts (DGM) which were removed in 2004.

    The two men are accused of participating in a violent demonstration, organized in April 2011 in Mersin, an eastern Mediterranean city with a large Kurdish population.

    Prosecutors in Mersin and neighboring city Adana display an incredible hostility towards young people and Kurdish children, demanding sentences of up to several decades, without any concrete proofs.

    The deaf and dumb Kurdish citizen has denied the charges against him and asked his release, underlining that there is nobody to look after his family.

    Defense lawyer Tugay Bek said his client is illiterate, in addition to his deaf and dumb state from birth. "The charges are contrary to logic and reason, because the situation of the accused does not enable him to have any physical condition to make propaganda for the organization.", the lawyer said.

    On June 14, the prosecution’s office in Mersin asked a total of 240 years prison sentence for seven children who were arrested in early May on charges of "being members of an illegal organization (PKK)" and "making propaganda" in favor of this organization. The charge of the prosecution was grounded solely on secret evidences, images of surveillance cameras, Facebook shares and participation in a demonstration on 1 May.


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