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Discussion in 'Education' started by LilOlLady, Jul 24, 2010.

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    DC, really? Right. Blame the teachers when children don’t learn. It is assumed that all children are capable of learning and they are not. Did all the children is DC school fail to learn? If a teacher can teach reading, writing and arithmetic, and children cannot learn, I think you must look at the child and the parent first. Children will learn under any circumstances if they want to. But children now days have other things to do, TV, video games, sports, cell phoned, I pod, gangs and incompetent parents and home life.

    Before I started school, over 60 years ago, I knew how to read, write and do simple math. My mother cared enough to teach me.

    We have 500,000 anchor babies who begin school and do not even speak English and now teacher have the added tasks of teaching them English and English comprehension before they can be taught anything else. Some of these teachers fired are junior high and if a child has not learned, how did they get to junior high? Teachers are not failing our children, our government is by failing to control immigration that brings in children that cannot speak English and crowd the classrooms. What the composition of Hispanic children in these schools that are failing? Our government should be fired and not our teachers.

    Years ago a teacher only had to have an 8th education to get a certificate to teach and children learned. Added responsibility of having to teach children who speak English as a second language is the reason our schools are failing and increase in class size.

    If a child wants to learn, she or he will in spite of the teachers or his parents. How is it that less than 30 years ago children were not failing but since the influx of children of illegal aliens, they are. When a teacher has 40 student in a class, someone is not going to learn.

    Some children are just wasting time in school waiting for time when they can drop out and join gangs and criminals activity like dealing in drugs.

    Before firing teacher, take a look at the parent and their home life. Why are some children learning and others are not?

    We are going to have a shortage of teachers because after DC who is going to want to teach when their job is on the line from day one. what are those fired teacher going to do?

    Our government, ICE and homelands security have failed our children.

    Another problem our children are dealing is one or both parents are in harms way in Iraq or Afghanistan and some parents are never coming home. This has to have an effect on children.

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