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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by winston churchi, Aug 11, 2004.

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    I find DC to be very funny - saw him in his show arrested d...also saw him on some poker thing which he won - yeah!
    I know he had his own show....What is it?
    What else does he do?
    Very funny guy...
    He doesn't appear to be a HOllywood moron either...or is he?
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    David Cross is occasionally hilarious, yes...

    Yeah, he is one of the many great actors on Arrested Development, and he was very funny on Celebrity Poker.

    Tangent: You wanna know the funniest thing I've ever seen on Celebrity Poker? The girl on the episode D.C. was on, the one that was in The VIllage, too. She went out in one of the first hands, and hardly said anything in the whole episode. Then about three-quarters' through the show, one of the guys made a very conservative wager and out of nowhere she goes "Wow, that was a really pussy bet!" It was so out of right field, just like this rambling sidenote!

    I'm fairly sure you're talking about Mr. Show. It was a sketch comedy show that aired on HBO for four seasons, basically the brainchild of D.C. and Bob Odenkirk. Jack Black got his start on this show. It was never well-accepted by the mainstream, but it has a huge cult following and is honestly one of the funniest shows I've ever seen in my life. The first 3 seasons are out now and the final season is coming soon, look for it, it's about $28, but worth every penny (if you're into underground comedy, which you seem to be).

    He's actually in some major movies (he had bit parts in both Men in Black movies). He just put out a newish movie named Run Ronnie Run, which is basically the Mr. Show movie. It's not as good as the show (the studios made them water down their very dark humor for a more mainstream audience), but it is still pretty entertaining, definitely a worthy rental.

    Well, I gotta tell you, the guy is a HARDCORE liberal and very vocal about it. He has done a few war protests. He's also a proud atheist, and the majority of his first album, "Shut Up, You F*cking Baby!", is devoted to trashing the Bush administration and Christianity. It's occassionally funny, but mostly just irritating. Rather odd that such a funny guy is such a crappy comedian. I don't even have a big problem with his material, just the fact that most of his act isn't even jokes, just him pointing out things he doesn't like about Bush, the War on Terror, Christianity, etc. And, from the sound of the crowd, he's preaching to the choir, anyway. Also, his comedy style is very, very rambling. Off-the-hook is good sometimes, but he really sounds like someone who got drunk and got up on an open mic night and started bitching about everything he hates.

    So, yeah, I love David Cross the actor and comedy writer, but can't stand David Cross the stand-up.

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