Daughter Baradey instrumentalized against father

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    Pictures from Daughter of El Baradey have been taken from Facebook and published in government-loyal newspapers. These photos include bikini on beach and places where alcohole is being served. Those newspapers are telling their readers, that if they vote for El Baradey their daughters also will become same way.

    Also screenshots were published of Facebook where she describes herself as being very liberal and agnostic.
    Also the press is raising questions about the husband of Leyla El Baradey, who is an European investment banker and it is not known if he is Muslim.

    The linked article says, that it is a strategy to connect the El Baradey family with having adopted non-morale practices of the West.
    The article also gives statement of El Ahram Think Tank, which is saying that considering it is Ramadan, the strategy will have an impact.

    Picture is shown on link.
    Bu fotoðraf Mýsýr'da ortalýðý karýþtýrdý - Hürriyet Planet

    Article is titled: These pictures have whirled up Egypt.
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