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    There is an old game illustrative of human nature often played as a kid's diversion at parties. It involves sitting a number of kids in a row and relating a simple fact to them, Asking them to then relay that fact to the kid next to them and then when it is their turn to pass that whispered fact along until at the end; the last child rises and blurts out what is left of the original, (which has usually taken on a life of its own).
    Example: " She ate a potato" becomes: "A potato rose up and ate her and three of her friends one night in a cematery while the police stood by and watched, 911 didn't answer, and a herd of pigs trampled the only survivor".
    I mention this game because I have seen some evidence of this in modern religion. The story of the carpenter that relays the Word of the Lord is repeated around the campfire and the evidence of the results is the current repository of the best and most valued renniassance, Hellenic and Roman, art, jewelry, sculpture, architecture, deeds to real estate all over the world and its own private bank to keep track of the loot coming in from every corner of the world that is known as the Vatican , ( headquarters of a big religion), is an example of the slight change in the whispered story that I outlined
    I have noticed a sort of selective inflation of this sort in the prevailing explanations of why the facts of the state of todays universe do not match the theories of its origins, ( these theories are just like mama's porridge in " Goldilocks and the Three Bears" or "just right!" to extol the whole thing as an accident either waiting to happen or that happened longer and longer ago than is probable to give "chance". [ it takes "chance" 1500 years to count to ten but created a replicating chemical (DNA) that does not exist except as soup with one crummy atom out of place; I. E. no functioning antecedents are possible in a measely 3 billion years while diluted in a vast ocean ] its chance to possibly come up with a situation that becomes more complex and elegant every day as the facts are researched and revealed).
    To get anywhere near a path that passes by any of these theories needs a "Rube Goldberg" apparatus of cosmic proportions that always seems to include a huge heretofore unknown natural calamity that disrupted everything, caused creation and seemingly caused judge Crater to vanish in 1937. In unliteral fact there is a new discipline in the higher universities today called the Rubegoldbergian branch of particle Godless Physics. So much has "inflated" out of these common sense, ( not), passels of formula and squareholian-round-peggian scenarios that of course none of us could ever understand them.....,( except to accept them as applications for government grants),.......
    Darwinism is such a modern example. The mistaken idea is that this current theory is based upon the eminent theologian Charles Darwin and his error filled conclusions based upon the limited information that he had available a century and a half ago that was mainly based upon a voyage of the HMS Beagle to the South Pacific and all of his observations that ignored thousands of years of evidence and theory.... Charles hisself said that the only way his theory could work was if the internal structure of common cells was simple.
    It isn't.
    That should have been the end of that story. But the rest of the stuff is just so cool! I don't have to answer to anyone for how I behave, there is no purpose to anything! Wow?
    The fact that the cell is the opposite of simple and now Rubegoldbergian spins and howsabouts like the" hopeful monster" that says a lizard lays an egg and a bird hatches out of it , (and mates with? and happens to all the eggs?) is the theory that organisms "save up" mutations until they need them), [ I kid you not this is called "punctuated equilibrium" and was put forth by the late Steven Jay Gould to match the facts that didn't meet any of their expectations I.E. there are no half lizards half birds, no part reptile, part mammals in 150 years of fossil archiving. (Bones are found in mixed beds that occur when water washes bones through an opening to the sea. etc) Now the Darweenies are ignoring dino bones that have been found with meat on them! But this whole save up stuff is so ubsurd as to be laughable , ( if they weren't running the schools), because Darwin , said the whole thingy was totally random.
    In literal fact my pet peeve is anyone who says "evolved" when they mean "progressed". Progress is totally ruled out in Darwinland.
    Todays Darwinism is based instead on what the late Agnes Moorhead (Samantha's mother on "Bewitched"), used to call Darrin, (Darwin, Derwood etc. ). This makes much more sense,( as I'm sure you will admit), because the idea that insects became cats has no basis in any fact ever unearthed since the series went on the air. Endora was opposed to any fact about the reality of Darrin, he was a nice guy and not the total idiot she thought he was, even when Dick York became Dick Sargant, or whatever. without telling anybody. In fact the birds ( Finches), on Darwin's, ( Charles not Darrin, Darwin, Derwood), Galapagos Islands have changed their beaks back to non-humped varieties and no one has spotted any that have become Peter Finch,
    Where is all this going u ax. There is a point to this I promise.

    I read that; "Those that believe in nothing will accept anything".
    (I would gladly credit the quote but I can't recall who it is that said it, sorry).
    But... for an example See "Europe"

    Also caged animals tend to die off early, I may have made that up but I have read that animals won't mate in zoos, die young, rattle the bars, use cigarettes for currency. They miss their self determination. The ups and downs of unassisted existence
    Example, See "Europe" Negative birthrate etc

    The powers that be, which may or may not be actual.... people, but an entity that is a spin off of the story told often we began this spiral with.
    Complex and interested in its own survival even at the expense of yours is this thing called "government" that today regulates the amount of water that goes through your toilet, seeks to control all of your life including when it ends. ( Smokers and fat people first are being denied health care there in Europe.) Coming to a theater near you starring Hillary .
    See Socialized medicine in "Europe" ( At least the Canadians can sneak over the border),

    If your life begins at all. ( Unintended consequences of bad intentions? "Immigration" problems caused by a lack of workers to replace the 30 million babies killed since Roe v Wade , ( was that an act of Congress , a Constitutional amendment ratified by the states like the income tax?) allowed women to kill their infants because they were too drunk ,( while being filmed on you tube), to cross their legs, ( "You've come a long way baby")
    ( See Abortion in "Europe" and in America).

    Orwell, ( boy was he right on , or what?), did us a disservice in that he showed us only the reality, the result. We have seen "it" adapt to that jack-boot repeatedly in the face end time by sugar coating the path to" it". ( See talking heads, your friendly weather persons making sure you take your golashes to Galapagos and never pray, but let yourself be displayed totally drunk on you tube and get birth control when you can't get an aspirin at school and be able to get an abortion when you need permission from your parents to get your ears pierced and remember there are no absolutes just total relativism
    See "Europe" and America.... While you can.

    There is a scholarly recreation of Rome the ancient city on the internet. You can literally walk down her streets and see the sights of that most eternal of cities. The startling fact of this presentation was that its displayed heyday was in the late fourth century which was just a historical eyeblink before the Northern hordes leveled it.
    See " Europe" . the 'ol perfessor
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    yup sure enough

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