Cyclonus (Robot): Evil Genius (Terrorist?)

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    The fictional Transformers (Hasbro) robot-warrior Cyclonus, a wolfish robot who transforms into a laser-equipped deadly jet-fighter, is the first-knight of an evil army of robotic warriors known as the 'Decepticons.'

    Cyclonus is cunning, relentless, evil, and sharp-witted (and quite cold). He's the A.I. equivalent of Mordred (cold warlord and rival of Camelot from Arthurian legend) or Serpentor (fictional ruthless genetically-engineered 'super-emperor' from the American paramilitary fantasy-adventure franchise G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero).

    Cyclonus reminds us why war is hell and why ruthless evil indicates the presence of anti-social intentions and terrorism. Since the modern age is filled with lore about governance/networking intrigue, avatars/characters signifying terrorism-consciousness are quite symbolic.

    So the question is, can we condemn Cyclonus (easily) as a straightforward anti-democratic terrorist?

    Terrorism frightens me (honestly), which is why I like referencing liberty-paranoia avatars such as Cyclonus and Captain America in evaluations of 'governance ethics.'

    This fictional dialogue between President Trump and Cyclonus was inspired by the modern governance introspection films Traffic and Dave.



    TRUMP: Do you think you're a terrorist?
    CYCLONUS: Mr. Trump...I'm a servant of power.
    TRUMP: A 'servant of power' or a drone?
    CYCLONUS: I merely serve the needs of my governors.
    TRUMP: Your 'governors' are the evil Decepticons.
    CYCLONUS: Our fearless leader Galvatron leads us to glory.
    TRUMP: He leads you towards fascism!
    CYCLONUS: How are you contrasting fascism from capitalism empires?
    TRUMP: America is not a 'capitalism empire' or a military state.
    CYCLONUS: Yet, it is perceived as a tower of power and capitalism pride.
    TRUMP: America is the 'Big Brother' of Earth and is obligated to serve democracy.
    CYCLONUS: Power is complex; and America has been guilty of power-corruption.
    TRUMP: Americans have made mistakes (e.g., Ku Klux Klan), but we remain idealistic!
    CYCLONUS: Idealism...that's a thing for the child-like mind (not governors).
    TRUMP: To govern properly, we must create legal governments, ones formed by consent.
    CYCLONUS: It is difficult to 'rule by consent' when the masses are unruly (or insane).
    TRUMP: Sometimes, crises demand creative solutions (e.g., the extended rule of FDR).
    CYCLONUS: Yes, FDR served for 4 consecutive terms as U.S. President (somewhat unusual!).
    TRUMP: That's because FDR presided over the crises of World War II.
    CYCLONUS: So sometimes 'conditions' justify 'liberal' uses of power...would you agree?
    TRUMP: As long as the ends are democratic, the means can not create fascist rule.
    CYCLONUS: You believe democracy is comprised of 'noble leaders' but that is not reliable.
    TRUMP: People are frail as are governments; we need to encourage consensual lawmaking.
    CYCLONUS: When non-consensual ambition ends, so will terrorism...



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    /----/ Writing suggestion: You work is several levels better than just a month ago. One suggestion, don't tell me Cyclonus is cunning, relentless, evil, and sharp-witted (and quite cold). Show me how in his words, deeds and actions. Show, Don't Tell: The Simple Guide for Writers

    Whis is more compelling?
    1.) Cyclonus is cunning, relentless, evil, and sharp-witted (and quite cold).

    2.) After a 6 month chase, Cyclonus disguised himself as a common field hand to work his way closer to his prey. He slit the throat of anyone who got in his way, women and children were not spared his wrath. He talked his way past the three layers of security to enter the fortress and set up his next plan.

    Please stop putting remarks in parenthesis. (and quite cold). It's distracting and completely unnecessary.

    But keep writing/ Much better than before.

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