Cut Taxes and $1.00 = $1.02....Unemployment check and $1.00 = $1.61

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    Go to page 5:

    It is also important that policymakers provide emergency benefits to those who will lose their jobs this year. No form of the fiscal stimulus has proved more effective during the past two years than emergency UI benefits, providing a bang for the buck of 1.61—that is, for every $1 in UI benefits, GDP one year later is increased by an estimated $1.61 (see Table 1).viii

    Mark Zandi is chief economist of Moody's Analytics, where he directs research and consulting. Moody's Analytics, a subsidiary of Moody's Corporation, is a leading provider of economic research, data and analytical tools.


    Mark Zandi, Chief Economist — Moody's

    About Moody's Corporation
    Moody's is a division of Moody's Analytics. Moody's Analytics is a leading provider of research, data, and analytic tools that support the needs of fixed income and credit professionals worldwide. Moody's Analytics is a subsidiary of Moody’s Corporation (NYSE: MCO), which employs approximately 3,000 people worldwide and had revenue of $2.259 billion in 2007.

    Moody's - About Us


    The bottom line - cutting taxes for the rich won't help the economy.
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    As soon as we cut the debt, then we can cut taxes across the board. Obama is effectively raising taxes, and that ain't right.
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    Bush started two wars that cost 3 trillion.

    Bush and the Republicans passed a tax cut of 2.4 trillion.

    That doesn't mean the wars cost 0.6 trillion.

    That means Bush and the Republicans dug of hole worth 5.4 trillion.

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