Culture v. Culture-Destroyers

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    In my world view, the natural social groupings of family, ancestry, ethnic and national identity, and racial belonging, are natural concentric circles around the individual that are part of a healthy person and society. If however, as the multiculturalists do, if you teach people that bias towards one own kind is evil-- then you are teaching a lie. Loving and preferring people who are closer to us in terms of blood is the most natural thing in the world, as natural as a baby crying for his mother. Of course-- the natural bias towards one own family and kind should be moderate and in proper relation to other important social values. But that is not what the culture-destroyers say. They say it is non-existent, they sometimes say it is only taught and not inherent—both lies, as we know from science and common sense. They say natural bias towards one own kind is bad, they try to stigmatize it, which makes easier their job of mopping up all natural social opposition to Jewish supremacy. The Jewish-Marxist attack on all these things like family or ethny or church organizations or social institutions like marriage is not just resource competition, but is also the product of their hateful and perverse religious beliefs, which in a sort of feedback loop between resource competition, and their twisted religion, perennially provides an excuse for their multi-generational total war against all other Gentile peoples. Jones work combines social and religious history in his exploration of the Jewish problem. It is good work and it is insightful, but it is not new in this sense: our Christian ancestors in previous generations in the west, had widespread beliefs about the problematic nature of Jews which related to their religious alienation from the rest of the West. However, those attitudes were not taught to people of my generation and thereabouts. Mike’s work about the Jews and their problematic relationship with host societies, gives the reader an ability to understand them Jews in a way that is more consistent with our ancestors and also is useful to the current day for understanding what they are up to and why and also provides inferential possibilities into how they may be resisted successfully. He helps explain, why, in the words from 1 Thessalonians 2L 14-16 “The Jews… are contrary to all men.”
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