Criminology: American Asylum [Book of Democracy]

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    This is a democracy-ideology 'vigilante-fable' I've been working on for a long time, and here it is.

    I chose to post it in the Garage rather than the Writing section of USMB, since it's as political as it is figurative, though it's not really a literature-rhetoric. You decide if that's good or bad!

    This 'modernism-fable' was inspired by Sin City and Spawn (I've included a YouTube link below for fans!).

    Cheers (signing off),



    "I look onto the landscape of this LA in the year 3030 and realize what it took to secure democracy and capitalism amidst so much maddening traffic and anti-social sentiments and yes even terrorism (but mostly criminal-insanity). This was the gut-instinct response to bureaucracy-related 'metaphysical claustrophobia,' which is why I became a vigilante to deal with all this stuff that simply eluded the LAPD for years as I grew up watching news-stories about 'modern crime.' As I watched these crime-news stories unfold, I developed in me a Christian determination to promote democracy, even if it meant putting on a proverbial mask! However, I wasn't ashamed, and not just because some of my 'adversaries' wore masks too but because I was a big fan of the masked fictional comic book vigilante Daredevil (Marvel Comics) who served as my 'inspiration' to create miracles in a 'dark city'."


    "I put on a mask and bullet-proof suit and headed out into the streets of LA on my 23rd birthday, having already graduated from Yale University with a double-degree in Psychology and Literature(!). I had a 'real-world identity' as a socialite businessman named Bruce Wayne, inheriting my father's toy company and serving as its Vice-President. However, selling toys while watching news stories about modern LA anarchy made my soul itch, so I became the night-time vigilante named 'Magician'. I wielded tranquilizer-dart guns/rifles and silencer-pistols and sometimes a metal shield and a mechanical rope gun which I used to haul myself up buildings and up to rooftops or escape from ground-floors through glass-ceilings. I was very very successful."


    "I 'escorted' the evildoers I captured to Arkham Asylum, LA's best center for the treatment/incarceration of the criminally-insane. Arkham was the best center for the criminally-insane in all of America, and that was good, since all the 'crazies' and 'bad guys' seemed to be drawn to LA in the year 3030, and even corrupt politicians could be 'magnetized' towards social criticism, since they had to answer to a legion of voters who believed in the 'magic' of Arkham. My job was to simply place the crazies/demons in Arkham and sometimes interview them, since many wanted private time with their 'democratic captor'."


    I recount the 'legion' now being housed in decide how this whole 'tale' illuminates the basic social value of democratic intelligence!


    1. Scarecrow: a masked 'primalist' who tried to lace the LA water-reservoir with a potent hallucinogen; this maniac believed he was a 'prophet' of the need for devastating catharsis, and he needs to be reminded by Arkham's psychiatrists/doctors that revolution does not translate to non-consensual experiments.


    2. Mr. Hammer: this 'classicist' and menace wielded a hammer which he used to brutally kill only male cops, claiming that he wanted to 'rescue' the forlorn prostitutes neglected by cops who failed to prosecute the 'filthy pimps' who destroyed the prostitutes' morality; this criminally-insane 'American' became a 'celebrity' when a liberal group referenced him in furious protests regarding the need for more gender-progressive politics; in Arkham, he can better meditate on why he's no savior.


    3. Catra: this 'siren' of Hell seduced politicians at LA's masquerade parties, not revealing her face/appearance until she got the 'corrupt social leaders' into their bedrooms and managed to slit their throats with her special 'blade-fingernails' which she slipped on claiming it was some sexual S&M 'tool'; Arkham considers Catra its ultimate 'political-protest devil-worshipper.'


    4. Nightling: this femme-fatale kidnapped the children of LA and took them to the sewers where she 'trained' them to kill, or rather, brainwashed them; in Arkham, she's commanded to read Oliver Twist and understand why the recruiting of children for 'revolution' is in no way a 'sane' approach to urban hygiene; to her credit, however, Nightling seemed to sincerely believe in the 'edification' of youth, regardless of how inherently misguided her approach to 'sociopolitical reform' really was!


    5. Jailbirds: this female Asian gang intentionally had themselves arrested and placed in LA prisons where they intentionally started riots so they could say in TV interviews that female jails are hell-holes neglected by undemocratic politicians; in Arkham, they can think about sanity and teamwork and forget about undesirable anarchy; I managed to 'control' them using tranquilizer-darts, because, otherwise, they might have scratched my eyes out.


    6. Leatherface: this psycho 'copycat' modeled himself after a 20th-Century horror-film 'avatar' and wielded a chainsaw which he used to buzz cop-cars in half before shooting the cops themselves with his handy-dandy handgun; in Arkham, Leatherface can think more clearly about why picking up a chainsaw from a Home Depot hardware-store does not mean that consumerism/capitalism 'facilitates' anti-social monstrosity.


    7. Black Cat: yet another female siren/cat from Arkham's chambers, this evil woman would walk into small stores/shops trying to shoplift items very conspicuously, making no attempt not to be seen/caught, and when she was approached by the store-owner/clerk(s), she'd stab them (exactly 7 times) with her hidden pocket-knife; in Arkham, she's ordered to take strong medication and mild sedatives and constantly think about the value of democratic lifestyle.



    "Now that you know who is currently in Arkham, you might praise my continuing work, which includes currently pursuing the narcotics-gang Black Mask which is rumored to have corrupt political ties to the LAPD commissioner as well as a Mexico land-baron. As LA's ultimate vigilante, the Magician, I intend to make crime-fighting a 'behavioral symbol' of democracy-defense. When asked what I thought about the 'efficacy' and 'romance' of my weapons (my nifty tranquilizer-dart rifles, etc.), I explained that my work was really about making 'passion-holograms'."


    "As I became something of a 'celebrity' myself and nearly-deified by many cops, I noticed that more and more citizens arose to endorse/support my mission/work and some even made passionate statements in the media, encouraging voters to appreciate the 'imaginarium-value' of Arkham Asylum. I refer to these 'democracy-loyalists' as my Sunday Supermarket Stewards."


    "As Bruce Wayne, I provide the LA Times with various pro-democracy editorials, endorsing the missionary-work of Magician and reminding the people that the vigilante is a Christian 'servant.' I also provide cartoons and drawings to complement my editorials, so readers will better-appreciate why the American landscape is a place of great 'child-like imagination' and perhaps even 'safe vanities.' This is really the brunt of democracy-defense --- accessible ideology!"


    "Now that you've read my vigilante-memoir, you decide if the commercial American city, which is brimming with democratic potential is worthy of great defense and ideology and why passion must always be tempered with self-consciousness. You decide if what I do is simply entertain illusions or make 'real' psychiatric holograms. You determine the 'innocence' value of 'democracy-diorama' Hollywood (USA) films from the 20th-Century such as
    Coming to America, American Psycho, and American Beauty!"

    -Magician (Time-Capsule Diary-Entry)




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    You ever given it any thought about turning it into a Book form it just might sell.
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