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    Good grief! Is there no end to the Clintons. If you judge Bubba Clinton by the company he kept he comes up as the worst president ever. The more Clinton’s presidency is analyzed the clearer it becomes that he presided over a criminal enterprise:

    U.N. Ambassador Rice Helped Thwart Bin Laden Capture
    Fri, Nov 23 2012 00:00:00 E A14_ISSUES Posted 11/21/2012 06:51 PM ET

    U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice Helped Thwart Osama Bin Laden Capture -

    One assumes that Madame Short Legs gave Rice the go-ahead.

    There’s no end in sight

    The only thing scarier than Biden replacing Hussein as president is knowing that Hillary Clinton is on tap for the Democrat party’s nomination in 2016.

    Incidentally, former co-president, Hillary Clinton, flew to the Middle East to broker a truce between Israel and terrorists. Yeah, like those people really needed an over-the-hill drunken bimbo overseeing the proceedings.

    Clinton giving her blessings to the so-called peace agreement was a win/win for her presidential ambitions. After it falls apart she won’t get the blame, nor does she deserve it. If the peace holds until 2016 she will get the credit. In truth, no one should be for, or against, Clinton based on anything that happens in the Middle East. The point is that she is worthless as is everybody from the Clinton administrations.

    Finally, I do not usually talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but I must say that the latest truce agreement shows that both sides are running a protection racket. Palestinians are getting paid for not killing Israelis, and Israel is getting an upgraded missile defense shield. Israel needs the help, while there is no way terrorists should be paid for not killing innocent men, women, and children. Egypt is also shaking down the US for a piece of the peace money.

    Pundits tell us the Middle East is complicated, blah, blah, blah. It’s not so complicated when you realize that every faction in the Middle East is a criminal enterprise. Hell, the Mafia might be behind the whole protection racket. In that same vain maybe Mafia Dons should be asked how their crime families learned to love one another.
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