Crime in New York vs Tucson

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    I was just watching the uncut version of "Death Wish" on a free internet site when I suddenly realized that it was 35 years old.

    Remember the fuss about it making a vigilate look like a hero? Well New York did have a really bad crime problem 35 years ago. Has anything changed from the way things were portrayed in the movie? You bet it has.

    In the movie, Charles Bronson visits a client in Tucson. The client from Tucson later brags "At least our kids can walk the streets at night and play in the parks". How about today?

    I checked out the crime stats for Tucson and the children of his children better be wearing armor when they go out to play.

    The message of the movie is still valid though.

    What kind of people would put up with all this crime without fighting back?

    "Civilized people."
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