Creeping Amnesty

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    West really hones in on the "big picture" with this article. Well worth reading.

    Creeping Amnesty
    By Diana West. The Washington Times
    April 7, 2006

    So there I was, thinking that the only "imminent" threat was the Islamization of the Western world, a historic shift well underway in Europe. Yes, it remained clear that out-of-control immigration in the United States jeopardized the future of our nationhood. But after September 11 the present danger had become creeping Shariah: the gradual -- and-not-so-gradual -- acceptance of Islamic law by Western and, therefore, non-Islamic societies.

    But then came last month's massive, mainly Mexican street protests against border control and in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens, mainly Mexican, who have crossed into this country since the last time Uncle Sam granted amnesty in 1986. Back then, it was amnesty for under 3 million. Today, 20 years later, these protesters, along with George W. Bush, want to see some 12 million illegal aliens "earn" citizenship (amnesty).

    In another 20 years, will a new, amnesty-seeking illegal population number 48 million? In light of the post-protest retreat -- I mean, "deliberations" -- in the U.S. Senate, such a colossal figure looks increasingly plausible. After all, what does an illegal alien or two (or 48 million) have to lose? We are, as we are repeatedly lectured, "a nation of immigrants" who do the work that "Americans" won't do. In fact, maybe just forget about "Americans." If we, the people, get anything like Amnesty 2006 -- with provisions to attain an increasingly Hispanic demographic -- the United States will change from being a neighbor of Latin America to becoming a part of it.

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