Credit Where Due?

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    So if the economy is still George Bush's fault, then will liberals give him the credit for increased oil production? :eusa_whistle:


    Analysis: Obama administration seeks credit for increase of domestic oil production

    By Jim Angle
    Published February 24, 2012

    The president and the White House haven't been shy about claiming credit for doing everything possible to keep gasoline prices low.
    As White House spokesman Jay Carney said this week "Oil and gas production in the United States has risen every year since the president's been in office. Oil production is now higher than it's been in eight years."
    Industry analysts say production is rising -- not because of President Obama, but in spite of him.
    Exploration and development do take years. But analysts argue the administration can't now take credit for decisions about drilling made years ago by President Bush and his predecessors.
    "That production is a direct result of leases issued before this administration and as result of development on private and state lands," Gerard said.

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