Creativity a must for young Iraqis to make a living in south

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    BASRA - From a roving cafe to scrap metal sculptures, young Iraqis unable to tap into the country's oil wealth are having to find creative ways to make a living.

    While their parents generally went straight into public sector jobs after graduation, the job market for Iraqi youths has become starkly different in the post-Saddam Hussein era.

    In the decade which followed the US invasion and the dictator's ouster in 2003, authorities continued to increase state hirings -- with a heavy dose of nepotism.

    But now, as 26-year-old Karrar Alaa discovered, there are no more guarantees.

    Three years ago, he was counting on his business degree leading to a public sector job in the southern port city of Basra.

    But tired of waiting, he has turned entrepreneur.

    After gathering up all of his savings and borrowing money from relatives, Alaa invested in a car and transformed it into a coffee shop on wheels.

    "It's the first of its kind in Basra. I got the idea from a video shot in Europe and posted on Facebook," he said.

    The "Coffee 2 Go" car has a giant plastic cup mounted on the roof, while an image of a cup of cappuccino and coffee beans is emblazoned on the body.
    Creativity a must for young Iraqis to make a living in south | MEO

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