CPUSA and Obama Voters: Perfect Together

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    CPUSA and Obama Voters: Perfect Together​

    Ann Kane
    December 2, 2012

    If I were to compare my Obama-supporting friend's politics to those listed by the Communist Party USA's agenda, they would be one and the same. But if I were to ask him if he is a communist sympathizer, he would be taken aback and probably call them extremists.

    However, these words of Sam Webb of CPUSA could have come right out of my friend's mouth:

    It was instead a vote [electing Obama] for jobs, housing relief, health care, withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan, an end to U.S.-led wars in the Middle East, preservation of the social safety net, health care access, reproductive rights, and equal pay for women, infrastructure renewal (an issue that took on greater importance after megastorm Sandy), marriage equality, a larger commitment to public education, a tax system in which the wealthiest families and corporations pay a much larger share, reform of our punitive and anti-democratic immigration laws, a reduction in unconscionable inequality, a legislative and electoral system that isn't awash with corporate money.

    It was a vote for an America that stands for tolerance, inclusiveness, and fairness.

    Recently, in an email discussion after the election, my friend relayed his story about having to pay a very minimal medical bill,while living in France, for his premature baby. He said if he were in the U.S. the tally would be close to $100,000. With this picture of extremes, and a socialist mindset, he naturally wants free health care in the U.S.
    He conveniently forgets that in order for the socialist government to "pay" for his doctors' bills, someone else had to have their income gouged by over-the-top tax rates. I'm not saying that medical bills in the U.S. are by any means tolerable, but going to a single-payer system is not the way to bring costs down in a capitalist economy.
    He also forgets that big businesses hire citizens, so creating a hostile climate for income producers drives out competition and makes it near impossible to find a good paying job. I wonder if this had anything to do with why he came back to the states after five years in France.

    Thanks to socialist policies France's unemployment rate, has hit a 13-year high of 10.2% with an average of just over 9%. As well, their new president recently announced an outrageous tax rate of 75% for those making over £800,000 a year. Businesspersons in France are threatening to move their companies to London. You know a country is spiraling downward when its top earners choose "sixth highest tax rate" Britain as a refuge.


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