Court Stops FCC Power-Grab

Discussion in 'Politics' started by teapartysamurai, Apr 8, 2010.

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    American Thinker: Court Stops FCC Power-Grab

    The problem with net neutrality is not in the idea, it's how that idea would be applied by the government.

    If you hate the Fairness Doctrine, imagine it being applied to the internet.

    And if you disagree then figure WHY does the government CARE so much about getting their mitts on the internet. The government doesn't care unless it controls US.

    They have failed (so far) in reigning in the opposite view on talk radio. They are hoping to succeed with the internet.

    You net neutrality dupes better understand that. The government is NOT trying to do you a favor.

    It's like communism people. It sounds WONDERFUL on paper, but it really SUCKS when applied in reality.

    That's how net neutrality will go. I know it sounds wonderful to you and you think it will right what's wrong and make things fair (same promises made with communism), but it never works out that way in reality.

    Fair NEVER works out in reality people, because the truth is, reality is NEVER fair.

    No, I am NOT saying net neutrality is communism. I am just making a comparison to the difference of how things sound in theory, or when promised by the gov, and how it turns out in reality.

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    The Government has been trying to take control of the Internet for years. They see an awful lot of $$ in it. Imagine the Taxes they could invent? This is a just ruling but the Government will continue trying to take control. You have to stay vigilant and stay on top of them.

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