Could Iraq end up being worse off?

Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by bamthin, Jan 19, 2004.

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    I have been reading about the recent demonstration of the Shia in Iraq. Some 100,000 marched peacefully demanding democratic elections. Bush appears to be grovelling back to the UN with his tail between his legs begging for the UN to come back and put it's stamp of approval on his plan for the future of the Iraqi government.

    If Bush, who has repeatedly said that Iraqs will govern their country and democratic elections will be held, doesn't allow the Shia, which represent roughly 60% of the population of Iraq, to come to power democratically, how can he back up his words?

    In the US, Bush has a 60% approval rating and 45% of polled voters would pick an unnamed Democrat over Bush in the upcoming election. These numbers are very close to the support that El-Sistani, the expected Shia theocratic ruler, has in Iraq.

    IF the Shia do take power, they will establish strict islamic law, including sharia law (which basically strips all rights from women) and will also probably start a civil war with the Kurds. An islamic Iraq would undoubtedly create a region much more fertile to anti-US radical islamic terrorism than what existed under Saddam Hussein. In addition, it will put the second largest oil reserve in the world under direct control of Islamic rule.

    Does anyone see the very real possibilty of this happening? And if so, would you agree that, from a US perspective, Saddam was the lesser of two evils?


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    Here are some more things to think about

    1) Not only might there be a war between shia and kurds, but the kurds will want to cede territory from turkey and make kurdistan.

    2) If Bush thought Saddam was bad with terrorism, maybe Condi will finally tell him there is a much more serious threat with Saudi Arabia and how an Islamic Iraq would want to be like them.

    3) Either a new islamic republic will be made or Iran will get much bigger thanks to the shia.

    4) Some say oil wasn't an issue, but it was. Within 7 to 30 years oil is going to peak and we need to have access to the 2nd largest oil reserve.
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    I will admit we have a real problem if, by our war in the region, we are trying to create a democratic Iraq. I don't think you want a Shia President in Iraq. One I just don't think Islam and democracy are compatible. It just seems that the governing is rooted to much in the religion. Secondly, you think liberals and conservatives don't like each other. At least we can be civil. Can you imagine the problems w/ the opposing factions in the region. Things like assassination attempts and election rigging come to mind.

    My Solution:
    The U. S. completely pulls out, leaves and withdraws all support from the middle east, including Israel. We let them duke it out amongst themselves for the next few decades and when they've killed each other off we move in and declare it the 51st state of the union and call it oil. What do ya think?

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