Corrupt False Info-Spreading DOJ To Target Foreign DisInformation Campaigns

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    'In hypocritical News Of the Day, the Department of Justice - the department that participated on an Obama administration Conspiracy against President Trump, a conspiracy in which the FBI conducted a Counter-Intelligence Operation against the President of the United States, the DOJ whose Deputy Director Obstructed Justice by refusing to comply with a Congressional Subpoena - has announced they are 'increasing prosecutions, counterspying, and sanctions to counter foreign malign influence'.

    That's great news...but who is going to counter 'malign influence' by the DOJ, CIA, NIA, FBI, etc...?

    Justice Department Targets Foreign Disinformation Operations

    "The Justice Department and FBI are stepping up efforts to combat foreign disinformation and influence operations through prosecutions, counterspy operations, and other legal means, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced this week.

    Describing the activities of foreign intelligence agencies as malign foreign influence operations, like Moscow's program to interfere in the 2016 presidential elections, Rosenstein outlined several methods being used against what he termed "information warfare" against the United States."

    Rosenstein INTENTIONALLY SKIPS OVER the FACT that President Obama was informed of Russian 'interference' as early as 2014 and did not do a damn thing about it.

    He was too busy handing Vlad 20% of the US supply of Uranium, too busy staying out of Vlad's way as he militarily annexed Crimea, and too busy protecting Hillary's illegal usage of her own personal unauthorized, unencrypted, unsecured server from which 6 separate foreign entities acquired TOP SECRET data.
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