Copyright-It's All in the NAME

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    Recognize at the outset that you are dealing with a bunch of criminals who have abandoned their responsibilities as agents of the people by vacating the government and becoming a corporation to advance the commercial interests of the world. They attempt to make a corporation out of you, too, by writing your Christian appellation in all-capital letters which is a clear prejudice against you, according to Texas Rules of Civil Procedure (TCRP) Rule 52, Alleging a Corporation:

    "Allegations that a corporation is incorporated shall be taken as Truth unless denied by affidavit of the adverse party, his agent or his attorney, whether such corporation is public or private and however created."

    Take note of the words "however created" because when those attorneys write your name in all-capital letters on a summons or warrant or notice, you have now been constituted as a corporation. Your name was similarly corrupted when a constructive trust was established as you volunteered into Social Security, making you part of the national socialist democracy and assigning you an employee I.D. number (SSAN). TCRP Rules 53 and 54 affirm the notion that if someone alleges that you are a corporation and you do not deny it in a timely manner, you are a indeed a corporation for the commercial matter in question. Checking the definition of "name" in Bouviers law dictionary, we find that if 1) the opposing side does NOT use your Christian appellation, and 2) you do NOT make an appearance, and 3) you do NOT waive process-then they have NO jurisdiction over you.

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    Copyright-It's All in the NAME

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