*Copper Theives Die Stealing Copper: Roof Falls On Them*

Discussion in 'Law and Justice System' started by chesswarsnow, Dec 15, 2011.

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    Sorry bout that,

    1. Ahh shoot, two men have been killed stealing scrap metals from a building, the darned roof falls on them both!
    2. The *humanity*!
    3. I wonder why the roof fell one them?
    4. Maybe a sign from God?
    5. Or just bad luck, or supidity?
    6. Either way, no one should feel sad, they ofcourse were in the wrong, now they will find out, if it was God......
    7. LINK:Nursing Home Roof Collapses, Two Die « CBS Detroit

    "Two people were killed Wednesday after part of a vacant nursing home collapsed on them on Detroit’s west side."

    8. These two people were stealing stuff, maybe they should mention it in the story, maybe what they were stealing was holding up the roof???

    "Fire Chief Kwaku Atara said it’s believed the two men were scrapping at the time of the roof collapse."

    9. Oh the Fire Chief says, they were "Just scrapping stuff, up in the vacant building nobody owned,.....actually the owners were not contacted to find out if they cared if their building was being robbed of its metals.
    10. A local wonders why this building is still standing, he blames the building for these deaths.

    Taylor Matthews lives near the abandoned building. She told WWJ’s Marie Osborne it’s an absolute dangerous eye sore.

    “I don’t think this is right. It’s a shame that this building has been here forever,” said Matthews."

    11. The building didn't do this, the thieves did it, they got what they deserved, no one should shed a tear for them, pulling down structure support beams on heavy roofs is always a *bad idea*.

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    This is unusual. Mostly they are electocuted trying to steal copper from live electrical lines.

    It's too few and not nearly often enough.

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