Cooking with Mr. P....Shrimp Scampi w/ linguine.

Discussion in 'Food & Wine' started by Mr. P, Oct 7, 2004.

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    Don't pee your panties J..:thup:

    Shrimp Scampi w/ linguine.

    This will feed 3 (2 adults 1 teen).

    Be sure and read my Notes below...

    1/4 C butter...(1 stick)
    1/4 C Olive oil...(I use extra virgin).
    1 T garlic powder and or 4 medium cloves minced (see notes)
    1/2 t salt
    dash of cayenne pepper (or to your taste, a dash ain't squat).
    2 T lemon juice (see notes)
    1 lb. medium (30-35 count) shrimp shelled and de-veined

    1 box..16oz Ronzoni (brand) linguine.17

    Preheat oven to 400.

    In a large baking dish...8x11 melt the butter in microwave.
    Add oil, garlic, salt, cayenne and lemon juice, mix well.
    Add shrimp and arrange in as much of a single layer as you can,

    Bake 8-10 minutes or until just tender.

    Serve shrimp over a pile of linguine and don?t forget a few spoon fulls of the sauce too.
    I just put the baking dish on the table with a large spoon and let everyone spoon
    what they want onto their linguine.


    1. You may use salad oil if you like, but please don't, Olive oil adds tremendously to this dish.

    2. My original recipe calls for clarified butter. Do so if you like, it's a pain to make and I think
    regular butter tastes better. If you want clarified, which amounts to removing the salt and milk solids,
    let me know and I'll tell you how to do it, if you don't know ( I know of two methods for doing this).
    (The original recipe called for mixing all ingredients in a skillet over heat,
    so to prevent the butter from burning clarifying was a good idea).

    3. I sprinkle extra garlic powder over the shrimp after arranged in the baking dish.

    4. Please choose fresh shrimp! Someone said on the thread they stink. Well,
    if their fresh they don't stink. They should be firm with little to no odor. This is the tuff
    part. Unless you live on the coast where shrimping is going on, the grocery is the only option.
    ALL the shrimp they receive ARE FROZEN. Now that in itself is not a problem. The problem is
    they put it in the display case and if it doesn't sell it goes to the frig for the night. Then back out the next day em and feel insure as fresh as possible.

    5. I use 1T lemon juice instead of two.

    6. DO NOT over cook the shrimp!!!! 8-10 mins is plenty of time...I suggest you check one at 8 minutes.
    Same for the linguini...over cooked, mushy, is yuke!!!

    I think I covered it all. Questions let me know. Have fun...

    Mr. P
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    Thank you, thank you!!!!! :bow2: :bow2: :bow2: :bow2:
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    This was a hit. I recommend it. :D

    Thanks Mr. P.
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    Think I will make this New Years Eve....... mmmmmmm

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