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    A while back, me, myself, and I were were having a heated discussion. The argument was getting out of hand since we, like most people, are proud, stubborn, domineering, and aggressive in our arguments. Concerned that something might be wrong with us, we consulted with a very good friend who happens to be a doctor. After a brief examination, he informed us that we were basically in good shape and nothing was wrong with our systems. "You need to understand that your system, like everyone's, is designed to expel and eliminate waste. When you speak, a lot of what comes out is pure crap that most be expelled and disposed".

    We have not really changed much since then, but at least we all understand now that we, again like most people, are imperfect assholes. The fact that our doctor friend was a proctologist helps reinforce that understanding.

    You haves choices in how to deal with our crap. You can ignore it and simply go on, or you can examine it to see if it contains any miniscule pearls of wisdom, One man's trash can be another man's treasure. Given the amount of crap we spew out, we don't envy you your task. Peace, Love, and Faith. Pappadave.

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