Controversial LeBron Ad of "Redemption?"

Discussion in 'Sports' started by GHook93, Oct 26, 2010.

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    LeBron James causing a stir with new Nike commercial - NBA News - FOX Sports on MSN

    It geso for an artistic value in an effort to make you feel sorry for him. I think its a cool ad, but it falls flat from making you feel sorry from him. I think it has the opposite effect, it makes you feel like he is a self-righteous egomanic.

    No one, but Cleveland fans, blames Lebron too much for leaving. Rather the hatred comes from how he left. The 1 hour special would have only worked if he was staying in Cleveland. The way he bolted Cleveland was classless and the criticism is well warranted.

    The man-child makes EIGHT DIGITS each season (without including his endorsements and investments), so how are people going to feel sorry for him?

    What the egomanic needed to do was after the fallout apologize to Cleveland for the way he left. He didn't.

    Then he should have gave up his summer to represent his country in the World Games, he didn't do that either.

    I personally don't think he can do anything to get back to the most loved player in the NBA (which he was).

    All he can try to do is win as many championships as he possibly can. People love champions regardless. Win as many gold medals representing the US as he can, Americans respect this more than anything! Participant in the slam dunk contest! Give to charity! Visit the troops overseas. Stay out of trouble and shut the fuck up and allow time to take its course!

    I predict the 2011 NBA will be one of the most watched since the Jordan years and it might be one of the most competitive in long time. Pinning LBJ, Wade and Bosh against Kobe, Artest and Gasol! I am looking forward to it!

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