Consumer Confidence Rises--3rd Month (& Actually Driven(?))

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    The Conference Board doesn't allow posting or dissemination of stuff--probably some sort of money-thing--but others report it. "The Conference Board, an industry group, reported on Tuesday that Consumer Confidence rose for the third straight moth in January, driven by improved economic conditions." The normal consumer is not necessarily: Driven by a used Chevy truck! Republicans, and their kindred, Reagan Legacy "Independents:" Are apparently easily swayed by used Chevy Trucks!

    Consumer Confidence ? Consumer Mood Rises for 3rd Straight Month; Housing Fragile - CNBC

    The "discontented" bigots of Massachusetts had not only confused the new Senator-Elect with former President, John Kennedy, (of Hyannis Port), they had also managed, apparently, to confuse the failed tax-cuts of the Bush Administration with the successful tax cuts that Democrats do.

    Republicans "cut" taxes of people who don't pay any, (especially if they are rich), whereas Democrats cut taxes of people who do have to pay them, and send refundable rebates--starting this year--to people who don't have any federal income tax liability to start with.

    Curiously, Republicans--and their Reagan Legacy, "Independent" co-conspirators--don't know about those people!

    It is known that the weekend-warrior types--who don't stand guard all-year long, asleep at their posts all week long, failing to consider the range of intelligence estimates--Do send the real boots into the field, needlessly: Where those people become cannon fodder for the indigenous peoples who actually belong in the foreign nations where the GOP sends them, without basis.

    Shown above, the actual consumers of the United States are in the midst of a government-stimulated economy--with several triggers having been pulled, not just one stimulus package. The belated entry of central government into the problem remains a Bush Administration legacy. Senator John McCain, who helped kill the names on the Vietnam War Memorial, asquat in the North instead: Even ran around, chasing the stupid woman, on the trail--Claiming that the U. S. economy was actually strong and robust, apparently just like he was! Vladimir Putin would later put on the more convincing show of it!

    Finally, Massachusetts seems to have voted instead for the Bush Administration record, all over again!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Her Majesty's PM, at last year's Davos meeting, is still easily finding the important message about real banking managment and administration: A hard message to understand in Massachusetts--no doubt especially at the Ivy League portion of it! U. S. Nobel Laureates are still apparently aghast--that actually, banking is done more like the Socialist PM was discussing it, like they do it in Socialist China!)
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