Conspiracy against Kurds

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    By the moment in the north of Syria in the vicinity of Afrin, the Turkish army is carrying out a large-scale military operation mockingly called the 'Olive Branch'. About a hundred warplanes and hundreds of tanks and howitzers bring fire and death to civilians in the Kurdish community. There are already thousands of dead people. Who is guilty of unleashing this genocide? The answer only seems to be obvious. Indeed, the slaughter was unleashed by the Islamist maniac Erdogan who embodies the centuries-old dream of the Ottomans to destroy the Kurdish nation. But Erdogan, despite demonstrating to the world his excessive ambition, is really just a puppet of much more powerful forces. This bloody dog was unleashed by the hand of the true, but hidden enemy of the Kurds. To clearly understand from whom the Kurdish people should only wait for meanness and evil, remember what happened to our brothers in Iraq.

    By the fall of 2017, Iraqi Kurdistan had the broadest autonomy. The de facto independent state, which was about to become the core of the Kurdish association in the future, had its own flag, anthem, Constitution, code of local laws, parliament, president, government, and judicial bodies. Its own police, special services, armed forces (the peshmerga brigades), the education and health care systems operated in the country. That is, Kurdish autonomy pursued not only an independent domestic policy, but also as any sovereign state - foreign economic and foreign policy activity.

    Everything changed almost overnight. The visionary, provident and prudent President Masoud Barzani, after several phone calls from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, believed in Washington's official support, and made a strategic miscalculation by organizing a September 25, 2017 referendum on independence. The attempt provoked by the US State Department to transfer de facto independence into de jure status turned into a catastrophe. The central government of Iraq announced the closure of both international airports in the Kurdish autonomy (in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah). Baghdad and Ankara completely closed their airspace for flights in the direction of Iraqi Kurdistan, and the autonomy was in total blockade. On October 16, 2017, the Iraqi army and Shia militia took Kirkuk and the surrounding area, that is, the oil fields, which were the economic base for the development of the Kurdish region. Thus, having believed in American support, Barzani, who'd made a titanic effort to unite the Kurdish tribes and establish control over the areas of oil production, not only lost all his political influence and authority, but also put his people on the brink of survival. In his televised address on October 29, 2017, Masoud Barzani sharply criticized the position of the United States. In particular, he noted that the American armament delivered to the Iraqi army was used against the Kurds. But who cares?

    There is a version according to which Tillerson's provocation was not the embodiment of Washington's deceitful policy, but a personal adventure aimed at personal enrichment. Rex Tillerson owns 2.6 million shares of ExxonMobil. That's the very oil company, which in 2011 signed preliminary contracts with the regional government of Iraqi Kurdistan, but faced an ultimatum to Baghdad, and withdrew from the project, losing a very profitable source. Now, nothing prevents ExxonMobil's businessmen from snatching a share of Kurdish oil (by unfastening the ruling Shiite mafia in Baghdad), and T-Rex Tillerson to increase the value of his stake.

    However, recent events in Syria clearly demonstrate that the personal wealth of the Secretary of State does not in any way negate the existence of a global insidious plan of the American political elite regarding the Kurds. After all, it was the loudly announced intention of their 'main ally' - the US to form, arm and train the Kurdish corps on Syrian territory and served as a convenient casus belli for Turkey. Does it not look familiar?

    The capture of Afrina by Turkish thugs will lead to the fact that the most secure and educated Kurdish community of Syria, residing in Aleppo (up to 300 thousand people), is completely cut off from the ethnic core. This is a consistent, well-planned genocide. We do not know all the details of Washington's geopolitical plan, but it is obvious that the Kurds have no place in it.
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    Introduction, added March 13, 2018:
    The bigger the lie the more people will believe it. That's what's behind "700,000" in this headline: '700,000 trapped in Syrian city of Afrin' after Turkey and allied fighters surround area
    Photo caption: Syrian civilians ride their cars through Ain Dara in Syria's northern Afrin region as they flee Afrin.
    But make no mistake: unlike the population of Gaza, not only fully aware but also cast as "victims" in the fake "Israel bombings of Gaza", these kurds do believe that the fake war "Erdogan on YPG" is real.

    Last Prophet's words from 19 January 2018:
    Turkey's Erdogan v kurdish YPG, FAKE war, same as both v ISIS: for dummies
    It's one of the countless fake wars served in Syria, a series started by Assad v ISIS, extended later with YPG/Hezbollah/USA/Russia/Turkey v ISIS.
    Main Agendas:
    - confuse and divert the audience from other branches of the IV Reich military pushing war crimes to the utter limits in Eastern Ghouta.
    Note: this refers to the frequency. As for the arsenal of weapons EVERYTHING has already been used: hospitals targeted with chemical weapons since 2013 and bunker busting bombs since 2016 (nuclear weapons is a hoax).
    - serve Erdogan in black as white to syrians victims of genocide: Erdogan served as defending sunni syrians while turkish military neutralizes the real rebels in Idlib.

    How is all this possible?
    Same general answer as for the rest: everyone making headlines is reading from a script, all scripts written by one and the same secret society.
    Leaders of Kurdish parties in Turkey and Iraq's Kurdistan same as leaders of kurdish YPG in Syria and kurdish HDP party in Turkey: all illuminazi agents.
    Same as Erdogan and the ayatollhas installed in Theran after a staged revolution 1979. This obviously not to mention the puppets installed in Baghdad after the US invasion 2003.

    Why do the illuminati call this fake war "Olive Branch"? Only one explained it.
    The real reason is not the obvious, which would be simultaneously mocking those who believe this is a bloody war on the YPG while passing truth in plain sight about the fake war.
    The real reason is illuminati's "Glory of the Olive" agenda, referred for example in Last Prophet's words, 10/24/2012, see snapshot preserved in webarchive still in 2012.

    Notes - For Introduction:
    March 13, 2018 - '700,000 trapped in Syrian city of Afrin' after Turkey and allied fighters surround area
    Turkish forces and allied rebels surrounded the Syrian city of Afrin on Tuesday, leaving hundreds of thousands of its mostly Kurdish residents trapped.
    The only road out was in range of Turkish artillery fire and was therefore impassable, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
    Some 230 civilians have been killed so far in Turkey's Operation Olive Branch, however Kurdish fighters warned the new siege could trigger a humanitarian crisis.
    There was no water after Turkish forces seized control of the local dam, and residents say they have relied on water wells for their consumption.
    While attention in recent weeks has focused on a ferocious regime assault on rebel-held Eastern Ghouta, in Syria's north Turkish forces and Syrian opposition fighters have been advancing in their offensive against the Kurdish enclave.

    Turkey launched its operation on January 20, saying it intended to clear the border of YPG fighters, whom they consider terrorists. However, its mission has expanded to include territory deep into Syria.
    Senior officials have said that Turkey was trying, through war, to take lands it occupied during the Ottoman Empire.
    Redur Xelil, head of foreign relations for the Syrian Democratic Forces, a US-backed alliance of fighters that includes the YPG, accused the Turkish forces of carrying out "demographic change" in Kurdish territory captured in Afrin.
    "The Turkish government is settling Turkmen and Arab families in the villages of Afrin that it occupied after forcing out its people, and is distributing the belongings of the people of Afrin to the new settlers," he said.
    The United Nations said that it received "disturbing reports" of civilian deaths in the northwestern Syrian enclave and that it believes "tens of thousands" have been displaced.
    Turkey denied the claims.

    The Turkish offensive opened a new front in a multi-sided civil war now entering its eighth year, which has drawn in neighbours and global powers who have armed and assisted fighters on the ground.
    Turkey considers the YPG a serious threat to its security, while the US has relied on the group in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).
    Their different positions have been the source of increasing friction between the Nato allies.

    Ankara is riled by US support and arming of the Kurds, and accuses Washington of not fulfilling a promise to move the Syrian Kurdish fighters in Manbij east of the Euphrates River.
    It threatened on Tuesday to expand its current offensive in northern Syria to drive the Syrian Kurds out of Manbij, where the US has troops.
    Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkey’s foreign minister, said it had been agreed that the YPG would leave Manbij and Turkey and the US would jointly secure the area.
    The US did not immediately confirm and the YPG said it had not been informed of any such deal.
    '700,000 trapped in Syrian city of Afrin' after Turkey and allied fighters surround area

    Transcript from Last Prophet's words from Oct 2012:
    MAKE NO MISTAKE: Illuminati ordered Assad to go chemical and will occupy Syria as last resort. Agents "playing Iran ayatollahs in control of Iran" can NOT fall.
    Syria: illuminati repeat the Libya fake war script to save puppets Gadaffi and Assad and prevent freedom fighters to take power.
    It started with agent Erdogan of Turkey vs agent Assad of Syria, that in the first act already had a "turkish plane shot down by Assad", before Erdogan occupies rebel held Syria.
    Illuminati agents Erdogan, Muslim Brootherhood, Ahmadinejad and Assad part of script "Glory of the Olive"
    GOOGLE Glory Of the Olive, the illuminati code for the destruction of .... FIRST RESULTS since 2004 by angelic Google is the END TIMES TRUTH.
    Assad ordered to go chemical, Erdogan to occupy Syria. Ahmadinejad MUST NOT fall

    Oct 2015: Turkey Ankara bombings hoax, ZERO dead, remake of Suruc, actors reused, staged using the treasonous Kurdish HDP leaders
    Now for treason in plain sight
    2015: Illuminazi agents playing Kurdish leaders participating in Turkey's "democracy" :
    Mockery of Kurds, having treasonous leaders of HDP participate for the first time in a government as Turkey's fighter jets start the air bombings of kurds in Iraq and Syria.
    Illuminati media doing what the human cattle refuses to, or in other words adding 1+1 in one sentence:
    "This is the first time MPs from a pro-Kurdish party have cabinet seats and comes as the government is waging a remorseless offensive against Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants."
    Illuminati suicide bombers: Ankara Suruc bombing hoax actors reused Kurd traitors

    Nov 2015: Illuminati theater diverting from leading role of the supposedly sunni Turkey gov in the genocide of sunnis across the border in Iraq and Syria
    Turkey downs russian jet hoax computer graphics video same as 9/11 planes or almost all videos "Russia and US led coalition bombing ISIS oil wells trucks".
    Exceptions: grain silos in rebel held areas marketed as ISIS refineries, trucks supplying oil to rebel held areas (Azaz) marketed as attacks to ISIS trucks exporting oil to Turkey.
    Illuminati Theater: Turkey downs russian jet hoax computer graphics video same as 9/11 planes

    Jul 2016 - Turkey: FAKE Coup attempt, Illuminati theater, SCRIPT exposed hours later: suppress sunni opposition to Syria Invasion
    Protest Suppression Techniques, by the Illuminati: Turkey: FAKE Coup attempt, Illuminati theater, SCRIPT exposed:suppress sunni opposition to Syria Invasion

    To get why almost all will accept the global KILL SHOT, compulsory "vaccination" against the "super virus pandemic" hoax, alias vassassination, the climax of the BIG BANG:
    Assad's chemical arsenal ALONE
    - reveals ALL of the WORLD's BASIC FACTS as expected from End Times Reductitonism.
    - totally destroys the world as you know it, as expected from the BIG LIE technique pushed to the utter limits.
    BIG LIE TECHNIQUE: WORLD's BASIC FACTS.ALL revealed by Assad's chemical arsenal ALONE

    You live in the illuminati matrix, the real Truman show is the inverse of what the 1998 film portrayed.
    HEY BEASTS: * STOP * clicking illuminati theater, from "stock market" to "nuclear weapons", it's ALL simulated reality
    Jan 2017 - Timed for "Trump bans entry to citizens from 7 muslim majority countries", same as Dow 20,000 first time ever:
    'Doomsday Clock' Announcement to Reveal How Close Scientists Think We Are to the Apocalypse:
    "Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists" - same as any org in illuminati media: ACTORS reading lines from a script.
    Photo's coreography at the end of the show, "all extremely old wise men" = extreme MOCKERY of human cattle fed with the same hoaxes until the very end of the show.
    Reminder of Last Prophet's words, "coincidentally" just after the act "Dow 15,000 first time ever"
    Destructive power of nuclear weapons and space travel: what they share goes beyond best seller hoaxes.
    Best Seller BIG LIES yet no matter how grotesque everyone bought it: Dow Jones records, NASA successes in front of screens & Atomic Scientists in front of Doomsday Clock: one line scripts
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    Quraishi - Kurd?
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    Okolona, KY
    Iran's Revolutionary Guard on Sunday claimed responsibility for a missile attack targeting an Iraqi base of a Kurdish separatist group...
    Iran Guard claims missile attack on separatist Kurds in Iraq

    9 Sept.`18 – Iran's Revolutionary Guard on Sunday claimed responsibility for a missile attack targeting an Iraqi base of a Kurdish separatist group.
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    Turkey, along with just about every other country in the region - beside Israel - want the Kurds reduced to slavery.
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    That's sad. IMO, Erdogan is a problem.
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